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February 4th, 2010Posted by Joey

Dollar Packs

Viagra For Sale, During the Christmas shopping season my wife came in with some treats for me from the local Dollar Tree. Viagra description, I am one of the lucky guys that has a wife that will buy some baseball cards for me now and again. When you are a grown man some wives would not buy you a pack of cards, buy Viagra online cod. Viagra no rx, Maybe because they don't understand the hobby or maybe because they resent the amount of time and money we spend on our childhood hobbies.


Thankfully, I don't have that problem with my wife, Viagra dosage, Order Viagra no prescription, Especially when she finds them on sale or at a thrift store. On a couple of occasions in December she brought me home a few packs that she found at the Dollar Tree, Viagra For Sale. Two months later I am finally getting around to opening them, Viagra australia, uk, us, usa. Buy Viagra online no prescription, I don't remember which packs are from which trip but all together there are ten packs.

 dollar tree pulls

The pack break down is two packs each of 2008 Upper Deck First Edition and 2009 Donruss Americana. Plus, Viagra from canadian pharmacy, Viagra cost, there are three packs each of 2009 Playoff Prestige and 2009 Donruss Elite. Viagra For Sale, I am more interested in the Prestige than the other issues as I tend to enjoy Prestige brand. I'll save the Prestige for last and start with the Americana out of curiosity.


I just don't get the Americana issue at all. Part of that could be that I am not really interested in celebrity stuff but if I were I would definitely be disappointed in this issue, Viagra pharmacy. Buy cheap Viagra no rx, The issue just seemed to be an attempt to make a few dollars. The photography was really horrible and completely lacking any creativity, is Viagra safe. Enough of that mess.


The two UD First Edition packs didn't really yield anything of interest but at least it had some decent photography, Viagra For Sale. Viagra long term, The Prestige packs were okay and had a couple of rookies. The three Donruss Elite packs were the best, doses Viagra work. Viagra results, I got three of my current favorite players in the NFL, LaDainian Tomlinson, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Buy Viagra from mexico, Adrian Peterson and Andre Johnson. I pulled a really sweet Rookie of Andre Johnson his Rookie season but I sold it on Ebay because I just didn't see myself collecting a player from Miami, Viagra over the counter. Where can i buy Viagra online, It didn't take long for him to win me over and I really wish I had that card back.

 2009 Donruss Elite

Now I have to make it over to the Dollar Tree myself and just see what I might be able to find, where can i order Viagra without prescription. Buy Viagra without a prescription, If you have a Dollar Tree near you check it out to see if you can find some cheap wax.

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May 6th, 2009Posted by Joey


Buy Lasix Without Prescription, I was in Walmart and I just had to have a pack of cards. Buy no prescription Lasix online, Just a pack thats all I needed, not what I wanted but what I needed, canada, mexico, india. Where can i cheapest Lasix online, My conscience reminded me that gas prices were on the rise again, up ten cents overnight, low dose Lasix. Buy Lasix without a prescription, Maybe I should wait..... or maybe just throw caution to the wind and get a buggy full of blasters.


Well the responsible adult in me won out and I settled for one rack pack of 2009 Goudey Baseball. I had a choice of Heritage or Goudey so I picked the Goudey since I haven't opened any of them yet, Buy Lasix Without Prescription. Okay, Lasix results, Cheap Lasix no rx, there are 16 cards in this rack pack, so lets check'em out.


Top Section


  • Derrek Lee

  • Jermaine Dye

  • Gary Sheffield

  • Jay Bruce Mini Green

  • Yovani Gallardo

  • Travis Snider Rookie

  • Alex Rios

  • Chien-Ming Wang


I first thought I was going to hate these cards but now that I get my hands on them I kind of like them, real brand Lasix online. Effects of Lasix, I think they did a pretty good job of keeping with the original design. Some of the players look good with the outline while some look like comic book art.


Bottom Section


  • Justin Verlander

  • Travis Hafner

  • Kelly Shoppach

  • Nick Swisher

  • Phil Hughes

  • Wade LeBlanc Rookie

  • Jonathon Niese Rookie

  • Jack Cust


I like the Verlander but the Phil Hughes is kind of creepy, Lasix long term. Lasix canada, mexico, india, Theres something about the Swisher that appeals to me. Might be the powder blue or maybe its because he just might be ordering another round, order Lasix from United States pharmacy. Lasix recreational, Travis Hafner looks absolutely huge and not in a good way on his card.


The 2009 Goudey Rack Pack fed my pack urge but its not enough to make me go crazy. They are nice but not exceptional. I'll open some more somewhere down the line but I prefer Heritage to Goudey.



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Ampicillin For Sale

March 8th, 2009Posted by Joey


Ampicillin For Sale, The economy has really effected my ability to feed my addiction for opening wax packs. So, Cheap Ampicillin, I took matters into my own hands a bit this weekend. I remembered a box I had that just might contain a pack or two of cards that I could open. I decided to get a quick pack fix and check it out.


When I dug out the box I found some Highland Mint coins, Buy cheap Ampicillin, some more unopened update and rookie sets, a unopened Revco box by Fleer and ahh yes a Jumbo Pack of 1993 Topps Series 1 Baseball. Just what the doctor ordered some good old fashioned cheap Topps Wax.


This 74 card Jumbo Pak markets itself as Premium Picture Cards with New Premium Quality. Huh, I don't think the term Premium has ever occurred to me when thinking of 1993 Topps, Ampicillin For Sale. Ampicillin from canada, This pack also contains six Topps Gold cards and according to the price sticker from Kmart I paid $2.99 for this baby.


I wonder why I never opened this one..., herbal Ampicillin. oh wait, Ampicillin over the counter, there just might be a Derek Jeter Rookie hiding in there. Now I'm torn, do I continue to sit on the unopened pack or do I appease my pack ripping desire and open it up?, order Ampicillin from United States pharmacy. Ampicillin For Sale, Heck lets open it up, maybe I can find that Jeter.


I am going to start with the pack on the right side. First up is 'Thom' Glavine, Ampicillin natural, I always liked this card with the ball just a split second from his hand and neatly centered under the Topps logo. Following Glavine is Steve Finley, Franklin Stubbs, Ampicillin pics, Joe Carter and whats this I see a 1992 Draft Pick coming up next. After Ampicillin, Yea, its Rick Greene. I would have fell out of my chair if it had been Jeter, is Ampicillin addictive. Continuing on we have Lloyd McClendon, Eddie Taubensee, Howard Johnson, Preston Wilson sporting a nice aluminum bat in his 1992 Draft Pick card, Hipoloto Pichardo, Lee Smith, Roberto Kelly and Big Ben McDonald, Ampicillin For Sale. I am embarrassed to admit I once horded Ben McDonald rookies.


Moving on with this part of the jumbo we have Bert Blyleven, Mike Gallego, John Dopson, Ampicillin from canadian pharmacy, Roberto Hernandez, Buy Ampicillin without a prescription, Jim Eisenreich, Kevin Koslofski, Norm Charlton, buy Ampicillin online no prescription, Chris Sabo and his glasses, Ampicillin street price, Checklist #2, Bernardo Brito Gold, Bob Patterson Gold, Ampicillin long term, Bernie Williams Gold, Ampicillin maximum dosage, Thomas Howard, Charlie Hayes, Pat Borders, no prescription Ampicillin online, Scott Ruskin, Ampicillin recreational, Scott Scudder, Kal Daniels, Bobby Bonilla, Ampicillin photos, Jesse Orosco, Ampicillin price, coupon, Jim Bullinger, Darren Daulton, Spike Owen one of my favorite Longhorns and Pete Harnisch, Ampicillin without prescription.


Nothing earth shattering in that side lets check out the left side. First up we have Gary Sheffield admiring his shot followed up by Jeff Frye, Felix Jose and here comes that 1992 Draft Pick up next...., Ampicillin pharmacy. Todd Steverson, Online buy Ampicillin without a prescription, boy buzz kill. Ampicillin For Sale, Next up is a nice smiling card of a happier Frank Thomas. Next up is a scampering Tom Goodwin, Roger Clemens this used to bring a big smile to my face now it just depresses me, where can i order Ampicillin without prescription. Following Roger is 1992 Draft Pick Sean Lowe wondering what just happened. Cheap Ampicillin no rx, Damion Easley is tracking a fly followed by Wally Joyner, Dan Plesac who helped me win a championship in fantasy baseball once, Brian Hunter, what is Ampicillin, Mark Wohlers and Scott Leius trying to find a pop up in the Twinkie Dome.


Don Mattingly is next with a nice landscaped card design, Danny Darwin, Carlos Martinez, Ampicillin coupon, Tim Belcher, Order Ampicillin from mexican pharmacy, Rafael Palmeiro another big disappointment, Gregg Olson, Mike Boddicker, where can i find Ampicillin online, Danny Tartabull, Real brand Ampicillin online, Joey Cora Gold, Doug Linton Gold, John Smiley Gold, Carlos Baerga and another one of my favorite players the hustling Doug Dascenzo. John Smoltz is next followed by Jim Leyritz, Roberto Alomar, Mel Rojas, Ricky Bones, Paul Sorrento, Mike Bielecki, Pete Incaviglia, Matt Williams and Jerry Browne.


That was a nice little trip down memory lane for the most part. I got to relive a past fantasy baseball championship along with getting to see some great cards I haven't seen in a while, Ampicillin For Sale. The design of 1993 Topps is not anything to get excited over and definitely not premium as the pack describes. But there were some good photos and some players that I really enjoyed watching play. Not too mention I reduced the itch in my fingers to open some wax just a bit.


I have no idea how many hundreds of packs of 1993 Topps Baseball I have opened and I still enjoy opening them from time to time. Some wax after that many packs I just can't stand anymore. Some of those kinds of packs that come to mind are 1988 Donruss, 1990 Donruss, 1991 Fleer, 1988 Topps and 1993 Upper Deck.


Hopefully, I will be able to buy some fresh wax soon.


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Accutane For Sale

January 2nd, 2009Posted by Joey


Accutane For Sale, Tucked away in one of my Christmas gifts were a couple of packs of 2008 SP Rookie Edition Football. Australia, uk, us, usa, I hadn't seen any of these in my local big box stores so finding these two were a surprise. I went over to the Upper Deck website to check out the possibilities in this issue, purchase Accutane online. Buy Accutane from mexico, I like the fact that the Rookies are done in the 1993 thru 1996 SP designs. I also like the landscape design of the regular base cards.


Alright, lets open up these two retail blister packs and see whats inside, Accutane gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. There are six cards in each pack with the ever popular two rookies per pack on average.


Pack 1


  • Frank Gore with a dinged corner

  • Carnell Williams

  • Ryan Grant

  • Edgerrin James

  • Vernon Gholston New SP Design

  • Dennis Dixon New SP Dixon

Normally the blister packs are safe from corner dings but Mr, Accutane For Sale. Kjøpe Accutane på nett, köpa Accutane online, Gore got dinged up a bit in practice. The Ryan Grant looks awesome, Accutane brand name. Accutane street price, The Packer colors really jump off the card.


Pack 2


  • Ronald Curry dinged corner as well

  • Plaxico Burress

  • Marion Barber

  • Brandon Marshall

  • Johnathan Stewart New SP Design

  • Kenny Phillips 1993 SP Design

I guess maybe the Niners and Raiders were scrimmaging and Curry and Gore got tangled up, Accutane samples. Accutane For Sale, The cards were both on the top of their packs. Online buying Accutane hcl, Anyway, that Burress looks great but what a knucklehead, purchase Accutane online no prescription. Accutane schedule,


I really like the design of the base cards, effects of Accutane. Accutane from mexico, I'll even give them a pass on the hard to read foil on the left side. Maybe since its over there I don't notice it near as much, fast shipping Accutane. The players just jump out at you from the absolute middle of the cards, very nice, Accutane For Sale. Accutane long term, I am kind of tempted right now to hold on to the base cards and maybe build the set.


I like the idea of going back and using the old SP designs for the Rookies. It would have been nice to have pulled a 1996 version with the red background, order Accutane no prescription. Is Accutane safe, The SP Rookie Variations will make some nice Rookie collections. Imagine all the different Matt Ryan's in nine pocket pages, Accutane blogs, Accutane price, prettyful.


I'll pick up a few more packs and maybe a blaster along the way. Anytime you can open packs and look at the base cards and smile you have to be happy about the issue.



, cheap Accutane. Where can i buy Accutane online.

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June 13th, 2008Posted by Joey

Goose and JFK 

Buy Prozac Without Prescription, After Wednesday nights surfing trip through Ebay I had identified some lots I wanted to bid on. Order Prozac no prescription, I placed bids on six different lots and all of them have closed except for one. I ended up winning three of the lots that closed today and I am the high bidder in another, Prozac dose. Prozac price, The remaining two I failed to win. One of which I could kick myself for not upping my bid.


I had found a lot of UD Masterpieces packs that had a low starting bid and reasonable shipping. I was the high bidder until the very end, Buy Prozac Without Prescription. I had set my iphone up so I could stay on top of the bidding at lunch, where can i order Prozac without prescription. Where can i cheapest Prozac online, My local Dairy Queen has wi-fi so I planned on eating there. Well one thing led to another and I was late leaving for lunch and I had to go through the bank so I did that before I got to DQ, doses Prozac work. Canada, mexico, india, On top of that traffic was backed up a bit so it took a bit longer than normal to get there. Buy Prozac Without Prescription, I pulled into the parking lot walked into DQ and checked the auction. It had just ended and I had been outbid, Prozac steet value, Get Prozac, dang snipers.


I should have raised my max bid but I was a bit stubborn and wanted to win it on my iphone. I really sound like a geek now don't I, order Prozac from United States pharmacy. Order Prozac online c.o.d, The winning bidder ended up getting 18 packs of UD Masterpieces for about fifty-eight cents a pack. What a steal, Buy Prozac Without Prescription. I was also bidding on a lot of 2007 Allen & Ginter but it ended up going for a little more than I would have bid, buy Prozac from mexico. Where can i buy cheapest Prozac online,


So what about the three lots I did win, Prozac treatment. Taking Prozac, The lots are not earth shattering by any means. It worked out that they ended up costing me about $1.50 per pack counting shipping, online buy Prozac without a prescription. Ordering Prozac online, There are eight packs total and two of them I am not familiar with the format. I will post the breaks when they come in, rx free Prozac. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Lets hope I enjoy the pack ripping as much as I did the shopping.

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Epogen For Sale

June 12th, 2008Posted by Joey

Nate McLouth Rookie Refractor 

Epogen For Sale, Last night I spent about an hour on Ebay just browsing around in no particular fashion. The only direction I took was in Sports Cards though, Epogen overnight. Buy Epogen from mexico, I started out just browsing through about 20 pages in the main sports memorabilia, cards and fan shop category page that said there were over 620, Epogen dangers, Where can i cheapest Epogen online, 000 listings. I then clicked on the cards category and that reduced the number of listings just about in half, Epogen pharmacy. Epogen recreational, I clicked on hundreds of listings that caught my eye for one reason or another. I never felt too encouraged to actually bid on anything, Epogen For Sale. Like I mentioned I wasn't really looking for anything in particular.


Next I clicked on Lots and that reduced the listings to just over 43,000, buy Epogen without a prescription. Epogen natural, There were the usual Dutch auctions of random cards that are touted as the best on Ebay. Some had catchy titles and gallery images, Epogen over the counter. Buy Epogen from canada, There were photos of hot girls with cards and the divorce cards for sale. Epogen For Sale, One of these days I am going to buy one of these just so I can write about it.


From lots I moved over to Packs where I found over 3,000 listings, Epogen no prescription. Australia, uk, us, usa, There were the usual amazing finds of vintage wax that can be had for a song. Most of those involved “Vintage” wax from the 80's and 90's, low dose Epogen, Epogen gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, ha ha. I ended up spending most of my time in this area, buy no prescription Epogen online. It was as close as I can get without a card shop to pack browsing, Epogen For Sale. Get Epogen, I love to go in a card shop and rummage through a big bin of odd and end wax packs. So, buy Epogen online no prescription, Is Epogen addictive, with my mouse and good old IE7 I surfed through the bargain bin and actually found some packs I was interested in.


I placed a few bids on some multi pack lots and now I just have to wait to see if I win any. I am not going to give out too many clues to what I was bidding on just in case you have any ideas of poaching my finds, my Epogen experience. Epogen For Sale, I will let you know if I win any of them, most of them close tomorrow afternoon or evening. Epogen from canadian pharmacy,


Have any of you bought some of those divorce lots or estate finds ect, Epogen forum. Epogen class, Do you like the new search on Ebay. I hated it in the beginning but I am warming up to it, cheap Epogen no rx. Epogen price, I still feel like I am missing out on finding some stuff at times.

. Epogen street price. Buy cheap Epogen no rx. Where can i buy Epogen online. Where to buy Epogen. Epogen from canada.

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