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February 2nd, 2010Posted by Joey

2008 UD Masterpieces Black Border

Cephalexin For Sale, I responded to a contest hosted by the Ladies of A Cardboard Problem a few weeks ago on their blog. Get Cephalexin, I liked the idea behind the contest which even had a great First Prize, a complete set of 2008 UD Masterpieces and a few Black Borders of the winners choice, after Cephalexin. Cephalexin class, I submitted an entry and was honored to be informed that my entry was chosen as the winner out of an impressive list of entries.


The spoils of the contest arrived in the mail the other day. Packaged safely inside a 200 count box and secured by a folded up Target bag was one of the better issues of the 2008 baseball card season, Cephalexin photos. I mention the Target bag because it is not just any Target bag, but a bag containing the DNA of a 2010 Topps Blaster, Cephalexin For Sale. Cephalexin treatment,


Enough of my warped attempt at humor, Cephalexin use. Ordering Cephalexin online, The questions that were posed to Marie and Sooz and answered on their blog were enjoyable and gave us all a glimpse into their collecting thoughts and habits. The answer that caught me totally by surprise was from Sooz, australia, uk, us, usa. Cephalexin no prescription, When asked about their collecting goals for 2010, Sooz revealed her yearly goal to take over the world, low dose Cephalexin. Cephalexin pics,

 2008 UD Masterpieces Legends

In case you missed any of the question and answer posts from the series you can check them out with the links below.

My Entry

Patricia from Dinged Corners 

Steve from White Sox Cards 

The Out Takes


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Buy Wellbutrin SR Without Prescription

February 21st, 2009Posted by Joey


Buy Wellbutrin SR Without Prescription, This is the second of the buy one get one 2008 UD Masterpieces Baseball blasters from Kmart. The first box did not yield any of the cards I was really hoping for and overall the box was pretty average, about Wellbutrin SR. Wellbutrin SR results, I decided to count the first box as the free one and this box the one I paid for. Lets up I get what I paid for.


There should be eight packs with four cards per pack. The previous box had two packs with five cards, Wellbutrin SR used for. Both of those packs contained a Yankee Stadium Legacy card.


Pack One

  • David Wright

  • Alex Gordon

  • Babe Ruth YSL #5

  • Robin Yount

  • Justin Verlander

It happened again, I got five cards instead of four and one of them is a YSL, Buy Wellbutrin SR Without Prescription. Purchase Wellbutrin SR online, Does anyone know if that is across the board. Yount is one of my favorite players of all time, Wellbutrin SR without a prescription. Wellbutrin SR steet value, The best looking card in the pack is the Verlander with the score board in the background.


Pack Two

  • Freddy Sanchez

  • Ken Griffey Jr.

  • Derrek Lee

  • Justin Morneau

That Griffey Jr. looks really sweet, Wellbutrin SR from canada.


Buy Wellbutrin SR Without Prescription, Pack Three

  • Wade Boggs

  • Roy Halladay

  • Hanley Ramirez

  • Brooks Robinson

I'm checking out the Robinson and admiring the old school pose. Canada, mexico, india, Then I see the cleats and am reminded of my Freshman and Sophomore years. I had shunned my stylish white cleats for some old school black leather ones.


Pack Four

  • Tony Gwynn

  • Prince Fielder

  • Alfonso Soriano

  • Ichiro

I just got a Gwynn and Fielder in the previous box I just opened.


Pack Five

  • Max Scherzer

  • Rich Harden

  • Joe Morgan

  • Carl Yastrzemski

Fantastic I finally got one of the cards I wanted most from the set, is Wellbutrin SR safe. Wellbutrin SR samples, When I thought about the kind of ball player I wanted to be Yaz was always one of the first guys I thought of.


Pack Six

  • Asdrubal Cabrera

  • Ryne Sandberg

  • Ian Kennedy Rookie

  • James Loney

I really enjoyed watching Sandberg play for the Cubs back in the day. I watched a lot of games on WGN, I saw more Cub games than any other team back then, Buy Wellbutrin SR Without Prescription. I think Harry Caray had a real man crush for Sandberg.


Pack Seven

  • Cal Ripken Jr. Short Print

  • Carl Crawford Black Frame

  • Luke Hochevar Rookie

  • Chipper Jones

The Crawford card is a nice shot of him sliding into home with the ball coming into the picture. The Ripken is kind of neat with him being congratulated by players from different teams in the All Star Game. He homered by the way in that game and won the MVP Award.


Pack Eight

  • Mariano Rivera

  • Felix Hernandez

  • Wally Pip YSL #30

  • Matt Holliday

  • Bill Mazeroski

The pattern held again as I got five cards in a pack including a Yankee Stadium Legacy card.


Buy Wellbutrin SR Without Prescription, Thats it for the bargain boxes from Kmart, maybe I will have to go to Lufkin again soon. This box was just a little better than the first one. This box yielded me a Yaz and brought back some memories of my High School playing days. It seems like a hundred years ago now since I took the field for ole Whitehouse High.


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Quinine For Sale

February 19th, 2009Posted by Joey


Quinine For Sale, Finishing out the purchases of the bargain priced blasters I found at the Kmart in Lufkin Texas we have a buy one get one deal on 2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces Baseball. The two boxes were glued together and then shrink wrapped. Each box contains eight packs with four cards in each pack, rx free Quinine. I am going to break this up into two posts so the other box will be in a second post. Quinine dangers,


I hope I am able to get a Yaz, Pence, order Quinine no prescription, Whitey Ford, Buy Quinine no prescription, Mattingly, Jeter, Berra and Clemente, buy cheap Quinine. Those would be the cards I am most interested in, Quinine For Sale. While I am hoping I want the Yaz in a red frame. Order Quinine from United States pharmacy, Of course a nice autograph would be nice but I'm not going to hold my breath.


Pack One

  • Prince Fielder

  • Grady Sizemore

  • Frank Crosetti YSL #1274

  • Ryan Braun

  • Chase Utley

Hey I got five cards in this pack. The Ryan Braun will be added to my Braun collection. Quinine For Sale, The Utley card is real bright on the left and real dark on the right. Utley looks like a slow pitch softball pitcher getting ready to pitch.


Pack Two

  • Jonathan Papelbon

  • Justin Upton

  • Carlos Zambrano

  • Mark Teixeira

You could really have some fun with the Papelbon card writing captions.


Pack Three

  • Russell Martin

  • Joba Chamberlain

  • Ozzie Smith

  • Johan Santana

My favorite card of this pack is the Russel Martin, Quinine no prescription, gear on helmet falling to the ground as he tracks a foul ball.


Pack Four

  • Joe Mauer

  • Kosuke Fukudome Rookie

  • Vladimir Guerrero

  • Victor Martinez

The Vlad card with him in the All Star jersey really stands out in this pack, Buying Quinine online over the counter, bright orange in contrast to the darkness of this issue. At one time I would have been more excited about the Fukodome Rookie, not anymore though.


Pack Five

  • Chin-Lung Ho Rookie

  • Chin-Lung Ho Rookie Brown Frame 042/100

  • Lou Gehrig YSL #1249

  • Alex Rodriguez

  • Gary Sheffield

Huh, another five card pack, purchase Quinine online no prescription. The common denominator is the YSL card in both packs that had five cards, Quinine For Sale. I hate it when you get a regular and a parallel of the same player in the same pack. After Quinine, Well, I hate when its someone I don't collect and that is about 95% of the time.


Pack Six

  • Chris Carpenter

  • Ryan Howard

  • Curt Schilling

  • Jake Peavy


Pack Seven

  • Barry Zito

  • Jim Thome

  • Hideki Matsui

  • Magglio Ordonez

Somebody turned out the lights in the Zito card. Thome has a big backside in his card.


Pack Eight

  • Tony Gwynn

  • Rod Carew Short Print

  • Ryan Zimmerman

  • Greg Maddux

Tony Gwynn is skinny again. The Rod Carew would have been really nice but its just too dang dark.


Quinine For Sale, I didn't get anybody I was looking for in this blaster. I got some solid players, just not the ones I really wanted. Once again I am looking at Masterpieces Baseball and its a set I should really want to build but I just can't. The two big strikes against this years version is the gold foil I can't read and many of the cards are just too dark to enjoy.


Maybe I should just consider this box the free one. Hopefully, the second box will be much better.


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Buy Periactin Without Prescription

February 17th, 2009Posted by Joey


Buy Periactin Without Prescription, You may remember from a previous post of mine about Masterpieces Football that I really enjoyed it and was planning on building the set. Discount Periactin, I haven't done much to complete the Touch'em All quest of building the set but today I have a blaster box to help in that endeavor. The blaster contains 6 packs with four cards per pack, what is Periactin. Generic Periactin, With a little luck maybe I will get 24 base cards that I need for the set.


Pack One

  • Chris Long

  • Ray Rice Strokes of Genius Autograph

  • Brett Favre

  • Sammy Baugh

Wow and ouch all at the same time. Its an autograph so I can't complain about getting one less base card, about Periactin. Very nice looking on card auto of rookie running back Ray Rice, Buy Periactin Without Prescription. Periactin reviews, If it weren't for the auto this pack would have been unsuccessful, since all I needed for my set was the Chris Long, is Periactin addictive. Periactin from canada, But, I got a non guaranteed auto from a blaster!

Pack Two

  • Adrian Peterson

  • Peyton Manning

  • Doug Flutie Hail Mary

  • Terry Bradshaw

I love the Peterson in Landsape, Periactin from mexico. Periactin use, Fifty percent success rate on this pack as I didn't need the Flutie or Bradshaw.


Pack Three

  • Dick Butkus

  • Ray Rice

  • Jerome Johnson

  • Joe Flacco

Fifty percent again for the success ratio as I only needed the Butkus and the Rice. The Butkus is just a bit over painted for my taste, after Periactin. Buy Periactin Without Prescription, This was also the third Jerome Johnson I have pulled. Buy Periactin without a prescription,


Pack Four

  • Y. A, canada, mexico, india. Buy generic Periactin, Tittle

  • Chad Johnson

  • Dustin Keller

  • Randy Moss

Another freaking Jerome Johnson, if I have to keep getting someone why him. Also another fifty percent success rate as I needed the Keller and the Moss. The Keller is one of those cool cards they do with a player diving onto a big mat.

Pack Five

  • Desmond Howard

  • Ben Roethlisberger

  • Kevin Dyson

  • Jordy Nelson

Another fifty percent success ratio. I only needed the Dyson and Nelson cards, Buy Periactin Without Prescription. Every time I see that photo of Dyson reaching for the goal line in the Super Bowl I am a reminded of what could have been. The Oilers/Titans franchise has been so close but just can't seem to close the deal. By the way, Renfro was in back then and he still is today.


Pack Six

  • Billy Sims

  • Peyton Manning

  • Red Grange

  • Jim Thorpe

You shouldn't get a dupe in a six pack blaster!. Fifty percent success once again. Buy Periactin Without Prescription, I only needed the Sims and the Thorpe.


Out of 24 cards I only end up with 11 for my set of Masterpieces. I did manage to pull a nice on card autograph though. I had heard that folks were having issues with these blasters trying to build sets. I also ended up with a dupe in the same blaster, that always sucks.


I really like this set especially some of the memorable moments cards, Buy Periactin Without Prescription. I would like to pull a Time Warps card sometime. I don't know that I will buy anymore packs or blasters of this to try to build my set. I would probably end up getting more Johnsons and Mannings.


I now have 41 of the 110 cards for a completion percentage of 37%. Still a long way to go but good thing its only 110 cards.


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Cialis For Sale

February 9th, 2009Posted by Joey


Cialis For Sale, I have been offline for the past few days almost as much as when I am vacationing in Mexico. My job has been pretty demanding the last few days and new processes, get Cialis, Cialis samples, meetings and technicals issues have met me at every turn of late. But on the positive side of things I had to make a rushed trip to one of our locations in Lufkin, after Cialis, Cialis alternatives, Texas. When I got down there I realized the batteries in my cable tester were dead, Cialis duration. Generic Cialis,


The closest store to get batteries just happened to be a Kmart, Cialis from canadian pharmacy. Of course I had to use the opportunity to check out the card aisle, Cialis For Sale. Cialis reviews, Maybe they would have some 2009 Topps in stock. Nope, kjøpe Cialis på nett, köpa Cialis online, Cialis results, there was not one single pack, blaster or even an empty gravity tube on the shelf, cheap Cialis. Australia, uk, us, usa, But what I did find surprised the numbered parallel out of me.


There before me were several blasters of reduced price cardboard, Cialis steet value. Taking Cialis, Huh, I had run across the occasional sale price at Target but never anything like this, fast shipping Cialis. Cialis For Sale, They had two for the price of one deals, half price deals and other markdowns just sitting there on the shelf. Discount Cialis, There were discounts on Baseball, Football, buy generic Cialis, Where can i find Cialis online, Hockey and even Basketball. There were blasters from both 2007 and 2008, Cialis dosage. Cialis mg, I was really tempted to get a couple of Hockey boxes but I picked out the three best deals and headed back to work.


The picture you see above is of the loot I got at Kmart, my Cialis experience. Canada, mexico, india, I haven't had the chance to open any of them yet. Hopefully, where can i buy Cialis online, Is Cialis addictive, I won't have to work late so maybe I can open the Goudey tonight, the Masterpieces will be last, Cialis brand name. Purchase Cialis,

. Cialis class. Cialis wiki. Order Cialis no prescription. Cialis price. Cialis photos. Where can i order Cialis without prescription. About Cialis. Cialis recreational. Comprar en línea Cialis, comprar Cialis baratos.

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Buy Plavix Without Prescription

December 27th, 2008Posted by Joey


Buy Plavix Without Prescription, I had let just about anyone that asked me the question, what did I want for Christmas know that I would really enjoy some 2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces Football for Christmas. My youngest daughter tried to get me a couple of blasters but all of the big box stores near us were out, after Plavix. Plavix online cod, Not to worry though as soon as the shelves are restocked I will get my blasters.


In my stocking from Santa, Plavix gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, Online buy Plavix without a prescription, (my wife) was a mix of different brands of wax. Two of which just happened to be 2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces Football, Plavix no prescription. Plavix dangers, I have only opened two packs of Masterpieces so far so the odds are pretty good of getting some cards I need for the set. Lets check'em out.


Pack One

This is a nice pack, Buy Plavix Without Prescription. A little bit of everything, Plavix pharmacy, Plavix pictures, a legend, couple of future HOF'ers and a very memorable Super Bowl Moment, Plavix interactions. Plavix over the counter, I love the pose for the Tomlinson, he is a pretty darn successful passer by the way, my Plavix experience. Where can i cheapest Plavix online, The Rams/Titans Super Bowl was a fantastic game with a heartbreaking ending for the Titans and their fans. I don't think anyone that saw the final play will forget it.


Pack Two

The Heisman Pose with Desmond is a classic, get Plavix. Buy Plavix Without Prescription, Almost every time I see a Barry Sanders card I wonder what he would have accomplished had he not retired a little early. Plavix without a prescription, The Roethlisberger card certainly depicts him in the impression of his nickname, Big Ben, discount Plavix. Plavix price, coupon,


I needed all eight cards for my set so these two packs were a complete success, Plavix trusted pharmacy reviews. Plavix reviews, I now have fifteen of the base cards. That puts me at 13% of the 110 card issue, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. Purchase Plavix online no prescription, Still a ways to go but a couple of blasters should put a good dent in it.

, purchase Plavix. Ordering Plavix online. Plavix used for. Fast shipping Plavix. Plavix forum. Purchase Plavix online. Plavix overnight. Buy Plavix online cod. Canada, mexico, india.

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Topamax For Sale

December 13th, 2008Posted by Joey


Topamax For Sale, Ever since 2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces Football came out I figured as soon as I bought any I would be hooked and have to put the set together. Get Topamax, Some of the posts and scans from my fellow blogging brethren had been planting the seeds since the release.


There were only two real turnoffs for me with Masterpieces Football. One was the gold foil borders and names and the second was some of the cards in the checklist just didn't make since to me, Topamax description. Online buying Topamax hcl, As I have mentioned more times than you probably wanted to hear one of my biggest pet peeves is card fronts I can't easily read and the gold foil used on Masterpieces violates this peeve. There are only 110 cards so they should have dropped the “C” level Rookies.


With card issues like Masterpieces and Allen & Ginter I tend to give them a free pass on the card backs, Topamax For Sale. Its all about the images and the way the cards feel sliding through my fingers, Topamax dangers. Topamax from canadian pharmacy, I love the new glossy cards but put a handful of A&G, Masterpieces or Heritage in my hands and its like being home for Christmas, online buy Topamax without a prescription. Topamax online cod, Its like a security blanket made from the cardboard that I fell in love with as a child.


So, when did I know that I wanted to collect 2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces Football, is Topamax safe. Topamax For Sale, When I saw the following cards I knew I had to have the set, Jack Lambert, Drew Pearson, Howard Cosell, Kellen Winslow Sr., Walter Payton and the Snow Plow Game.


My wife and I were doing some Christmas shopping tonight and we ended the night at Target. Order Topamax no prescription, Of course I had to check out the card aisle hoping to find a Masterpieces blaster. I didn't find a blaster but there were two open boxes of Masterpieces packs, comprar en línea Topamax, comprar Topamax baratos. Buy Topamax online no prescription, In one box all of the packs were stacked on their side so I figured for sure they had been searched. The other box was probably searched too but at least the packs were all laying as they should, Topamax australia, uk, us, usa.


I picked out just two packs, after all we were shopping for other people tonight, Topamax For Sale. Buying Topamax online over the counter, I did make sure she knows that I would really like to have a couple of Masterpieces blasters for Christmas. Okay guys as a little Christmas tip be sure and remind your wives and girl friends that cards are the perfect gift, purchase Topamax. Order Topamax from United States pharmacy, Also, help them out by writing down several different issues that you would like, Topamax samples. Topamax from canada, If I have heard it once I have heard it a hundred times from the ladies, 'there are so many, buy cheap Topamax, Discount Topamax, I don't know which ones he would like'. I know I have some female readers out there too so the same tip applies to you as well.


Topamax For Sale, Okay, lets open up my packs and get started knocking cards off the checklist. The first card in the first pack fittingly is Jack Lambert, herbal Topamax. Purchase Topamax online, Next up is a Mario Manningham followed by Jamaal Charles and Paul Hornung. That is an outstanding start getting one of the best modern football cards in Lambert and a Jamaal Charles which gets two stars, Topamax alternatives, My Topamax experience, one for the Masterpieces set and another for being a Texas Longhorn. Paul Hornung is know slouch either, buy generic Topamax.


The second pack starts off with the Snow Plow Game card followed by Devin Thomas, a Black Frame Harry Douglas and Jerome Simpson, Topamax For Sale. Buy Topamax without prescription, Darn it I wanted all base cards. The Black Frame Douglas will go up for sale on Sportlots and is available for trade, Topamax gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Topamax blogs,


Of the eight cards in the two packs I got seven cards for the set and one parallel, kjøpe Topamax på nett, köpa Topamax online. Topamax mg, I now need 103 cards in the set. Hopefully, cheap Topamax, Low dose Topamax, Santa will be leaving a couple of blasters under my tree.


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Buy Prozac Without Prescription

June 13th, 2008Posted by Joey

Goose and JFK 

Buy Prozac Without Prescription, After Wednesday nights surfing trip through Ebay I had identified some lots I wanted to bid on. Order Prozac no prescription, I placed bids on six different lots and all of them have closed except for one. I ended up winning three of the lots that closed today and I am the high bidder in another, Prozac dose. Prozac price, The remaining two I failed to win. One of which I could kick myself for not upping my bid.


I had found a lot of UD Masterpieces packs that had a low starting bid and reasonable shipping. I was the high bidder until the very end, Buy Prozac Without Prescription. I had set my iphone up so I could stay on top of the bidding at lunch, where can i order Prozac without prescription. Where can i cheapest Prozac online, My local Dairy Queen has wi-fi so I planned on eating there. Well one thing led to another and I was late leaving for lunch and I had to go through the bank so I did that before I got to DQ, doses Prozac work. Canada, mexico, india, On top of that traffic was backed up a bit so it took a bit longer than normal to get there. Buy Prozac Without Prescription, I pulled into the parking lot walked into DQ and checked the auction. It had just ended and I had been outbid, Prozac steet value, Get Prozac, dang snipers.


I should have raised my max bid but I was a bit stubborn and wanted to win it on my iphone. I really sound like a geek now don't I, order Prozac from United States pharmacy. Order Prozac online c.o.d, The winning bidder ended up getting 18 packs of UD Masterpieces for about fifty-eight cents a pack. What a steal, Buy Prozac Without Prescription. I was also bidding on a lot of 2007 Allen & Ginter but it ended up going for a little more than I would have bid, buy Prozac from mexico. Where can i buy cheapest Prozac online,


So what about the three lots I did win, Prozac treatment. Taking Prozac, The lots are not earth shattering by any means. It worked out that they ended up costing me about $1.50 per pack counting shipping, online buy Prozac without a prescription. Ordering Prozac online, There are eight packs total and two of them I am not familiar with the format. I will post the breaks when they come in, rx free Prozac. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Lets hope I enjoy the pack ripping as much as I did the shopping.

. Prozac cost. Buy Prozac online cod. Prozac over the counter. Prozac street price. Buy cheap Prozac no rx. Herbal Prozac. Prozac interactions. Buy Prozac online cod. Prozac alternatives. Buy Prozac no prescription. After Prozac. Prozac without a prescription.

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Week 22 of the $10 Weekly Wax Pack Challenge

November 28th, 2007Posted by Joey

This week I went to Toys R Us and Target trying to find some Hockey wax packs for this weeks purchase. I struck out at both places. At Target they did not have anything new to choose from but they were having a sale on cards. The problem was the only things on sale were […]