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January 5th, 2009Posted by Joey


Buy Pristiq Without Prescription, The first post on SqueezePlayCards went live on February 17th of 2007 so in a little over a month this blog will be two years old. It seems like I have been blogging much longer than that. Pristiq results, I get questions from time to time about things like visits, page views, most viewed post and where my traffic comes from so I thought I would share some of that stuff with you now, is Pristiq safe.


2008 started off with month over month gains in traffic but along came May and my time was being devoured by my real job. But over the last couple of months things have been headed back in the right direction. During the first few months of this blog I was obsessed with my stats, Buy Pristiq Without Prescription. I would check them several times a day, where can i buy cheapest Pristiq online. Then it hit me one day that the statistics of the blog were not why I was going to all this trouble to blog. Where to buy Pristiq, I still check the dashboard stats almost daily but I don't dive into the detail but once a month. This has been much more satisfying than worrying over the numbers every day, after all the joy comes from the cardboard and the people not the web stats, ordering Pristiq online.


Buy Pristiq Without Prescription, Visitors


For the calendar year of 2008 this blog had 14,230 unique visitors. Those visitors were from 81 different countries. Is Pristiq addictive, The pages were translated into 38 languages other than English. German and French were the top languages other than English. I want to thank all of you for visiting my blog and participating in this great hobby of ours.




Okay, so where does the traffic come from. Not surprisingly Google sends me the most traffic, Buy Pristiq Without Prescription. What does surprise me sometimes are the keywords that people were searching when they landed here, online buying Pristiq hcl. Visitors also come from the blogging community either through blogrolls, Online Pristiq without a prescription, comments or linking to posts. Lets take a look at some of the leaders in some of the categories.


Traffic Sources


Top Blog Referrers



Top Ten Keywords


  • Topps Town

  • Topps Town Codes

  • Sportlots

  • 2008 Baseball Cards

  • Neil Hoppenworth

  • Michael Jordan Rookie Card

  • Squeeze Play Cards

  • Blog Squeezeplaycards

  • Greg Jefferies

  • Box Breaks


Top Player Names


  • Michael Jordan

  • Greg Jefferies

  • Tony Romo

  • Steve Buechele

  • Frank Thomas

  • Hunter Pence

  • Pudge Rodriguez

  • Doug Dascenzo

  • Hakeem Olajuwon

  • Adrian Peterson

  • Mickey Hatcher

  • Ian Kinsler

  • Ivan Rodriguez

  • Ryan Braun

  • Earl Campbell


The first blogger to reach out to me when I began this blog was Chris Harris over at Stale Gum so it didn't surprise me to see his blog listed as one of my top referrers, Pristiq alternatives. Mario has an insane amount of traffic so I think its only natural that Wax Heaven is in the top five also. Thank you to everyone that has referred a visitor my way.


Buy Pristiq Without Prescription, Based on the number of emails I have received about Topps Town I wasn't totally surprised to see it at the top of the keyword list. Cheap Pristiq no rx, The Neil Hoppenworth keyword traffic is because a visitory mentioned him in the comments on a post. As for as the players go I was surprised that Michael Jordan came out on top. I figured it would have been Ivan Rodriguez since I write so much about his cards, Pristiq australia, uk, us, usa. The numbers are what they are though.


Top 10 Posts of 2008



Based on the top keywords I am not surprised by the outcome of the Top 10 posts of 2008 list, Buy Pristiq Without Prescription. I am a bit disappointed that some of my more opinionated posts are not on this list or posts about hobby trends. The other interesting thing about this list is that several of the posts are from 2007. Of course all of the posts for 2007 were out there from the first day of 2008 so maybe next year a lot of the tops posts for 2009 will be from 2008.


Well there you have it, a look at the blog from a statistical standpoint. I have really enjoyed blogging in 2008 and I am looking forward to 2009. Many of you that will read this have either emailed me or left comments on posts somewhere along the way and I thank you for the time you spent to read and communicate back to me. I wish you all much happiness and success in your personal life as well as your collecting life.


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Celebrex For Sale

June 25th, 2008Posted by Joey

The Propane Tuna makes a big splash as he enters the pool at Topps Town Celebrex For Sale, . Celebrex pics, With his freshly minted Avatar he begins to check out the deep end of the pool. First off I check with the Coach and the list of frequently asked questions, about Celebrex. Celebrex from canada, The Coach tells me if I want to get a Gold card then I need to keep buying Series 2 wax packs. Okay thats enough time with the Coach, Celebrex trusted pharmacy reviews. Lets see what else I can find.


Next up I find the Topps Cribs for the featured crib of the month, Celebrex For Sale. Low dose Celebrex, My Plastic Iguana is an Angels fan. I am a Rangers fan, online buying Celebrex, Celebrex over the counter, wanna rumble. Now I am off to the game room, buy Celebrex without prescription. Celebrex cost, Wow, a game with Roy Oswalt, Celebrex treatment, Celebrex reviews, I have to play this. Celebrex For Sale, Oops I don't have any players in my binder yet. I will have to come back to this.


Redeeming the free code I got for registering I now have a few cards in my binder. Pretty weak player selection but hey these are the freebies, order Celebrex online c.o.d. Get Celebrex, I already have some trade bait as I got two Jacque Jones and two Johnny Damon cards. I will try to make a trade in soon to gets some better players for the games, what is Celebrex. The binder has a favorites section and a friend section along with other info pertinent to Topps Town and upcoming products.


I got a couple of Topps Town cards in some wax I got a few days ago so lets see who we get for these, Celebrex For Sale. Buy no prescription Celebrex online, Here we go, I got some offensive skills in Chipper Jones and Alfonso Soriano, Celebrex steet value. Is Celebrex addictive, I also got one pitcher, Sabathia along with Jorge Posada, Celebrex without a prescription, Purchase Celebrex online no prescription, Placido Polanco, Daryle Ward, effects of Celebrex, Celebrex forum, Ryan Zimmerman and Jack Wilson. I'll put Chipper in my favorites.


I am a happy man with the next group of players. Well, Celebrex australia, uk, us, usa, Celebrex alternatives, a couple of guys more than others. Celebrex For Sale, I got Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez, John Smoltz, Derrek Lee, another Posada, John Lackey, Joe Nathan and Jim Edmonds. I will be adding Pudge to my favorites and putting the Posada on the trading block, buy Celebrex from canada. Where can i order Celebrex without prescription, I like the fact that you can flip the virtual cards and see the players current stats.


Okay, back to the games now that I have some players to play with, Celebrex recreational. My Celebrex experience, I scored 300 on Fastball Blast with Smoltzie. On Signal Match I sucked only picking up 100 points, Celebrex For Sale. I played a round of Battin Practice with Chipper Jones and scored 900, buy cheap Celebrex no rx. Buy Celebrex from mexico, The second round was really hard for me on that one.


Next up was the game really designed for the kids?. The Daily Sports Jackpot is a slot machine styled game, not really sure why it is on a site aimed at kids but I did okay on my first try, eight out of nine spins I was a winner. Celebrex For Sale, Boy, I wish I could do that at the boats. That was kind of addicting good thing it is free.


Over in the Trading Zone I browsed through several pages of trade postings but didn't find anything that matched up with my dupes. So, I posted a trade to see if anyone picks it up. The first trade proposal I put out there is Johnny Damon for Josh Hamilton. For Jacque Jones I am asking for a Lance Berkman and for Jorge Posado I am looking for Derek Jeter, Celebrex For Sale. There is a good bit of stuff to check out in the Trading Zone like the Topp Card of the Week you can trade for other cards or stuff. The Coach is also there with a couple of trading tips and you can check out the twenty latest trades.


Well thats it for my first trip into Topps Town and I have to give Topps a thumbs up for this one. If I were a kid again I would really be into this. My time was well spent here and I will be back. I have to check on my trades and play that slot machine some more. Although, I won't be taking the Coach's advice and buying a bunch of Series 2 wax.


Until next time, The Propane Tuna has left the pool.



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