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Augmentin For Sale, Much to the chagrine of my fellow bloggers and collectors I did not open this blaster last night. Even though I haven't found a 2009 Topps Blaster yet I am going to go ahead and open this UD Blaster now. Buy Augmentin from mexico, I have waited long enough to open some 2009 Baseball Cards.


Alright, here we go with the first pack, where can i cheapest Augmentin online. Who will be my first card of 2009?. Augmentin dose, Its Jon Lieber. How is that for anti-climatcic, Augmentin For Sale. Next up is Mark Teixeira followed by Tony Pena, Christian Guzman Nationals checklist, Augmentin no rx, Mark Saccomanno Rookie, Augmentin natural, Chipper Jones Starquest Gold Rare, Juan Pierre and Ian Snell. By the way the UpperDeckU game code I mentioned in my previous post is printed on the inside of the wrapper, purchase Augmentin online. Thats different, Order Augmentin from mexican pharmacy, I expected it to be on a promotional type card.


Pack two starts off with Brandon Phillips with Jason Varitek, Jason Grilli, ordering Augmentin online, Ronald Reagan, What is Augmentin, Derek Jeter Season Highlights, Ramon Castro, Troy Percival and A.J, Augmentin gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Burnett all hiding underneath Phillips. Augmentin For Sale, I like the picture they used for the Jeter, its a shot you don't see on a card much. Augmentin description, I can't think of one right now but I would imagine this angle has been used before.


The third pack goes like this, Mike Hampton, Augmentin street price, Howie Kendrick, Augmentin coupon, Nate Robertson, Jake Barrett USA Baseball, Manny Ramirez Dodgers Checklist, buy Augmentin without a prescription, Phil Hughes, Online buying Augmentin hcl, Jimmy Rollins and Chris Duncan. Hey Jake Barrett you aren't even 18 years old yet and you have a baseball card in the Upper Deck Base set. How about that, Augmentin schedule.


Pack number four yields Paul Konerko, Jeff Samardzija, Ryan Spilborghs, effects of Augmentin, Cardinals Team Leaders, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Ryan Webber USA Baseball, David Price Rookie, Huston Street and Ichiro, buy Augmentin online no prescription. I got another kid in this pack, I hope these don't continue to show up one in every two packs, Augmentin For Sale. I do like the look of the Cardinals Team Leaders card. Augmentin pharmacy,


The fifth was hiding Ramon Hernandez, Dan Haren, Augmentin blogs, Joe Saunders, Augmentin used for, Fausto Carmona, David Ortiz Starquest Blue Uncommon, Rickie Weeks, Augmentin interactions, Andre Ethier, Herbal Augmentin, Livan Hernandez and Chase Headley. I don't really like the logos in the bottom left corner.


Pack number six starts of sitting on the dock of the Jason Bay. Augmentin For Sale, Sorry, next up is Jhonny Peralta followed by David Wright Mets Checklist, Ken Griffey Jr. Augmentin images, Starquest Emerald Super Rare, Matt Holliday Rockies Checklist, Joba Chamberlain, purchase Augmentin for sale, Endy Chavez and Mark Mulder. Augmentin overnight, Wow, Emeral Super Rare. Anyone know how rare that really is?


The seventh pack has David Eckstein, Where to buy Augmentin, Carlos Quentin, David Dejesus, Kila Ka'aihue Rookie, buy cheap Augmentin, Rivals Jim Thome/Justin Morneau, Augmentin trusted pharmacy reviews, Mariano Rivera, Matt Garza and Scott Rolen. I like the Rivals theme but you need sunglasses to look at the card, buy Augmentin from canada.

The eighth pack leads off with George Sherrill followed by Curtis Granderson, Russell Martin, Mariners Team Leaders, Colton Cain USA Baseball, Matt Antonelli Rookie Card, Ryan Howard and B.J, Augmentin For Sale. Ryan. Purchase Augmentin online no prescription,


Pack number nine goes a little like this Edwin Encarnacion, Conor Jackson, Roy Oswalt, George H. Bush, Reds Team Leaders, Jonathan Broxton, Barry Zito and Matt Capps.


The last pack is coming up and so far I don't have anything that just sings to me yet. Augmentin For Sale, Here we go Historic Predictors First Aids Vaccine is Developed, Jake Peavy Starquest Blue Uncommon, Cole Hamels Pinstriped Jersey Card, the UpperDeckU promotional card I have been looking for, Melky Cabrera and Jake Peavy. Two Peavys show up in the last pack along with a Predictor and the box hit. I don't like the design of the jersey cards, they didn't put enough thought into these. But I did get a pinstriped and yes I touched it.


Overall I am not really excited about Upper Deck Base. The relic design was a snoozer, too many kiddos in there and I don't like the logos in the corner. On the plus side I liked the Team Leaders cards and the Rivals, Augmentin For Sale. The Starquest cards are okay but its not something I would chase. Upper Deck did a good job with the backs though.


There you have it my first Blaster of the year. My card firsts for this year were, first card Jon Lieber, First Jersey Card Cole Hamels, First Rookie Mark Saccomano and First Insert card was a Chipper Jones Starquest Gold Rare.



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2 Responses to “Augmentin For Sale”

  1. Chris Says:

    You seem to have gotten very good cards at least. David Price is a keeper and that Cole Hamels jersey card looks sharp. I agree with you on the Jeter card, nice picture.
    The Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush cards are interesting. I am all for getting some politicians and some history lessons on baseball cards so long as the card companies don’t put their own political views on the card. Anything to keep kids interested in the world around them.

    On a side note I am slowly getting together a little gift to send to you in return for the Giants cards. I haven’t forgotten, just been hard to spend time with my cards like I want.

  2. Dennis Says:

    They look pretty good this year…I might have to pick some up

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