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Ryan Klesko Dancing 

Buy Atarax Without Prescription, I mentioned in my previous post about pulling a card that I had to sit aside and add to my binder of interesting or great photos..... Atarax for sale, Surprise, its Ryan Klesko, about Atarax. Atarax no prescription, When I pulled this card I sat it down on the stack and as I went to put the next card on top of it I paused and picked up the Klesko again. I got to wondering just what the heck was going on in the photo, Atarax brand name. Atarax no rx,

You've got Klesko looking like he is watching his feet and counting steps in dance class while his helmet is suspended in midair, purchase Atarax for sale. Off to the side I can see an Expos catcher holding the ball in his throwing hand looking like he is about to do the splits, Buy Atarax Without Prescription. Purchase Atarax online, My first thought was the Klesko is trying to avoid the tag but the more I stared at the image I figured it had to be a collision at the plate.


I finally flipped the card over and the photo on the back reveals my second thought was correct. I love this idea for a card, Atarax over the counter, Atarax cost, having a picture on the front maybe revealing part of a play and a photo on the back putting the puzzle together. The back shows Klesko with batting gloves in his hands outstretched in front of him, buy Atarax no prescription. The catchers mitt is planted on the side of Kleskos face beginning to push his helmet off and the catcher looks like he is on his way to the dirt.

Ryan Klesko Collisioni


Buy Atarax Without Prescription, I love photos of plays at the plate or hard slides into a bag. Atarax forum, When I played third base I was really pretty good at blocking the bag and tagging runners out even when they got there before the throw. One time a guy thought he could score on an overthrow to the plate but the catcher got to the ball quickly and the runner tried to dive back to third, order Atarax from United States pharmacy. Atarax photos, The catchers throw was off to the side and I had to dive across the runner. I caught the ball and tagged the runner and the umpire called him safe, Atarax pharmacy. I asked the umpire to come closer and watch when I got up off the runner, Buy Atarax Without Prescription. Low dose Atarax, He changed his call when he saw the runners foot couldn't have reached the bag. Sorry, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Atarax canada, mexico, india, I do tend to reminisce about my younger days.


Anyway, is Atarax addictive, Cheap Atarax no rx, you never know what you will find when you crack some packs of wax. I was looking for a few Rookies but my favorite card turns out to be a common that I almost just went right past, buying Atarax online over the counter. Atarax long term,


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4 Responses to “Buy Atarax Without Prescription”

  1. Andy Says:

    That’s a great card…I love the two photos in close succession.

  2. Cliff Walk Says:

    That’s a great card. There aren’t too many which feature a photo on the back from the same play on the front. Somewhere in my boxes of commons I have two cards (I think they are from a mid-1990’s Collector’s Choice set) that feature the same play. They are different photos of a play at second base. One card is for the second baseman (or maybe shortstop) and the other card is for the runner. I wish I could remember which set these were from so I could pull them out.

  3. Joey Says:

    Thanks for stopping by Andy.

    Hey Cliff, if you find that card I would love to see it.

  4. Dennis Says:

    I have 2 Albert Belle cards from different companies that were the same swing

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