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Jim Abbott 

Lotrisone For Sale, Continuing my look at players that may not be in the majority of collectors want lists we come to one of the better known players that will be appearing in this series. Online buying Lotrisone, His name is Jim Abbott and what most people remember him for is that he was born without a right hand and still managed to play Major League Baseball.


I remember when he first appeared for the California Angels in 1989 as a 21 year old left handed hurler out of the University of Michigan. I was mesmerized by the way he could hold his glove and switch it to his throwing hand after delivering a pitch so he could be ready to field any balls hit his way, no prescription Lotrisone online. Lotrisone dose, I first thought people would just bunt on him like crazy but he fielded his position well. In his ten years in the big leagues he amassed 72 put outs and 300 assists against only 9 errors and a third of those errors were committed his rookie year.


Jim was a solid pitcher early in his career winning twelve games his rookie season with an ERA of 3.92 that year, Lotrisone For Sale. In 1991 he won 18 games with an ERA of 2.89 both numbers good for fourth in the AL that year, Lotrisone price. Buy Lotrisone online cod, In 1993 he tossed a no hitter for the Yankees against the Indians. In his ten seasons he pitched more than 200 innings four times and twice his ERA was under three, Lotrisone no prescription. Buy cheap Lotrisone no rx, He finished his career with 87 wins against 108 losses and a career ERA of 4.25, I would take that ERA all day long on the Rangers staff, Lotrisone photos. Real brand Lotrisone online,


Jim was and is an inspiration to many but let me be honest here a bit, online Lotrisone without a prescription, Discount Lotrisone, if he had both hands and put up the same career numbers I wouldn't have a couple of pages of Jim Abbott cards in my binder. On the flipside if he had made just a brief appearance and had not been successful on the mound I wouldn't have him in my binder either, Lotrisone pics. Lotrisone over the counter, But, Jim did overcome his physical limitation and he did it with class and on a level that earned him the right to pitch on a Major League mound.


For those of you that may be interested in more information on Jim Abbott you can check out his website at jimabbott.info for more goodies.

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10 Responses to “Lotrisone For Sale”

  1. Phil Bamber Says:

    Hi Joey. The website checkoutmycards.com, that you mentioned to me to use; has just delivered my cards. They arrived a week after I ordered them (and that’s with international postage!) and they were perfectly packaged! Just thought I’d let you know how the transaction went. Would definately recomend them!!

  2. Steve G. Says:

    I remember being very psyched when Jim Abbott signed with the White Sox. I wasn’t that much into baseball at the time. The strike took a lot out of me. I remember thinking that the Sox were trying to win by signing Jim.

  3. Gustavo Says:

    I love that 91 upperdeck card of him batting. He is truley thee inspirational player of baseball of our era. I remember seeing him pitch as a kid in the “california” Angels and going home and practicing the glove switch tecnique he used to field. My brother would do the same move when he couldn’t get his lefty mitt. good memories! Great player this time, thanks!

  4. Spiff Says:

    I remember Jim coming up. I thought it was awesome. Great guy and decent player. Used to keep every one of his cards I came across. Still have a loose Starting Lineup figure and card of his if you are interested in them.

  5. Cliff Says:

    Jim Abbott has always been on my want list and I only ever saw him play one time and that was late in his career. It is so hard to make a career in baseball. Think of how many old rookie cards you have and how many of them did little or nothing in the big leagues. Then think of Jim Abbott. Overall his stats don’t look that good but he played for 10 years. That’s a career. And he is one of the few players to go right from college to the majors without a stop in the minors.

    The one time I saw him play he didn’t have to field a ball. I was disappointed. I can imagine how he did it but really wanted to see him do it.


  6. Joey Says:

    Glad to hear your got your order Phil. Now you can work on your collection some more.

    Steve, I am glad the strike didn’t completely do you in.

    Gustavo, I have to ask who was better with the glove thing, you or your brother? Thanks for the comments.

    Thanks for stopping by Spiff. I’m not much into SLU’s anymore.

    Cliff, I have two 800 count boxes filled with rookies from the early 80’s to the 90’s I just can’t bring myself to culling out. Some of those guys would just bring back too many wasted memories.

  7. Mike Says:

    I love that UD card as well. That brings to mind a report I heard of a spring training game where he was allowed to bat…..and stroked a triple. Here’s a bio of him from the SABR website.


  8. Joey Says:

    Hey Mike, thanks for the link. I didn’t know Jim played Quarterback in High School.

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    […] a Team USA helmet. Some of the bigger names in the set are Will Clark, Mark McGwire, Barry Larkin, Jim Abbott, Jason Giambi and Robin […]

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