I Feel Like Mickey’s Glove

Mickey Hatcher Big Glove 

I was putting some cards away in a binder tonight and I came across this card I had stashed away. Its not everyday you get to see a baseball glove on Steroids but here it is. It is a 1986 Fleer Mickey Hatcher #396. Just because I feel like the glove looks doesn't mean I was injected by my personal trainer. No, sometime late last week I was inadvertently infected with the cold virus. By the time I woke up this past Saturday my head has felt like Mickey's glove, bigger than the rest of me.


I wish the back of this card told us a thing or two about the giant glove Hatcher is wearing but instead it tells us in 1984 he was a “Fine” clutch hitter. Maybe Blake over at Twins Cards can tell us about the glove. Anyway, its about time for another round of medicine. I can't wait to get my glove, I mean head reduced back to its normal size. Hey Mickey, do you have the matching hat, it would probably fit me right now.

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6 Responses to “I Feel Like Mickey’s Glove”

  1. Tony Tellijohn Says:

    I believe Hatcher was a notorious prankster during his career, and the glove was a part of that (his time around Jay Johnstone may have had an influence on some of that?). I think the glove made another appearance on a card too–I can’t remember for sure, but I’m thinking one of his later appearances, like ’90 or ’91 Upper Deck, perhaps.

  2. Joey Says:

    Thanks for the info Tony. I read Johnstone’s book and it was hilarious. I think you are right about the Upper Deck card too. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Chris Harris Says:

    I think that might be the same glove Jason Michaels used on his 2004 Topps card.

  4. Mark Says:

    I love that card!

    Has anyone considered that Mickey Hatcher might be really, really tiny?

  5. Spiff Says:

    Great card. I know how you feel. Hope your head gets back to normal.

  6. Joey Says:

    Its slowly coming around Spiff. I made it back to the office today but it was not fun. I am so sore from the coughing that breathing was tough.

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