Searching for Steals With Deal Finder From Ebay

Ebay has a new offering that I have been dabbling with lately. It's called Ebay Deal Finder. The premise is that you can find items that haven’t been bid on yet with less than 4 hours left and no reserve. It sounds like an opportunity to sneak under the radar and get some really good deals.


So far I have yet to get a good deal. Maybe I am too picky. For example I ran the deal finder for items under $10 in the sports memorabilia, cards and fan shop category for baseball rookies. It found 13 items ranging in starting bid from .25 cents to $4.99 with shipping charges from $1.50 to $4.99. These were all single card auctions so naturally I skipped over the items with shipping charges over $2.00. What I was left with were rookie cards of Bernie Williams, Randy Johnson, Rafael Palmeiro and Deion Sanders. Oh well, I have all of those cards already.


Still, I believe the Deal Finder feature has some potential. I have run it at different times of the day with other search terms and it has returned some interesting findings. One time on just a generic baseball search one of the items listed was a Japanese card set used to play games like the Whiz Kid cards.


You should give it a try and see what you can find. Maybe you can make a really great purchase. I would love to hear from those that have tried the feature and made some purchases.


Happy hunting.

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