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2010 topps blaster boxes

Flagyl For Sale, I think in most parts of the country the prices for Blaster Boxes are normally within three cents or so of each other. In my area they are regularly priced at $19.99 or $19.98 at the big box chains Target, buy Flagyl without prescription, Get Flagyl, WalMart and Toys R Us. This year that has changed at one of these stores, Flagyl pics. Flagyl pharmacy, I have not been down the card aisle in this store in probably six months so I can't say when the pricing changed. When I went looking for 2010 Topps Series One Baseball Blasters I was shocked to see the blasters priced at $21.99.


Yep, my local Toys R us is charging $2 more for blasters of not only 2010 Baseball Card issues but also 2009 Baseball and Football issues, Flagyl mg. Why would Toys R Us charge more for their blasters than Target or Walmart, Flagyl For Sale. Flagyl results, Are they not buying enough to get the same wholesale price as Target or Walmart. Maybe there is more value in the boxes from Toys R Us, Flagyl steet value. Online Flagyl without a prescription, From what I can tell there is not any published differences in the Toys R Us Blasters that would warrant a $2 premium.


My attention was quickly diverted to the 2010 Topps Cereal Boxes so I didn't really pick up the blasters to try to figure out if they had something extra in them. Flagyl For Sale, By the way, Toys R Us charges a dollar more for the cereal boxes than the other guys. I like to shop at Toys R Us for blasters now and again because they will sometimes have something different than Target or Walmart but there is no way I am paying $2 more for nothing, Flagyl without prescription. Flagyl price,


What is the pricing for blasters from Toys R Us near you, Flagyl long term. Flagyl overnight, Are there differences in the blasters. If you have paid the extra money and bought any were the pulls any better, order Flagyl no prescription. Low dose Flagyl,

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4 Responses to “Flagyl For Sale”

  1. Offy Says:

    Toys R Us has been charging more for their blasters around here for a while now. I guess it doesn’t matter too much since the only TRU within reasonable driving distance to me is closing, but it was a nice alternative to Wal-Mart and Target.

  2. Matt Says:

    Everything is marked up a TRU. Not just cards. Toys, games, etc. Besides selection, I don’t see to much of a reason to go in there.

  3. dayf Says:

    The blasters at my local Toy’s R Us are also $21.99. I think they are just trying to rip you off since they are a toy store. Great way to bring the kids into the hobby!

  4. Joey Says:

    Thanks for the comments guys. Maybe if there sales go down they will go back $19.99, then again if there sales go down they might just stop selling them all together.

    At least I still have a Target and three Walmarts in town so I don’t have to rely on Toys R Us.

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