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Buy Zithromax Without Prescription

March 7th, 2010Posted by Joey

bruizersleeping Buy Zithromax Without Prescription, Today I have the house to myself well, except for Bruizer, but he is just sleeping here beside me. My plan is to get a bunch of baseball card sorting done and get some scans done for blog posts, online Zithromax without a prescription. Zithromax from canada, I have several stacks of 2010 Topps Baseball that I wanted to get put away first but I needed to rip open the Blaster I bought at Walmart first. I am kind of anxious to get another Topps Million out of there and of course see which Black Parallels were in there, online buying Zithromax. Rx free Zithromax, 2010 Lou Gehrig Patch Card

I opened the Patch card first which is kind of unusual for me. Much to my delight I saw “Gehrig” as I peeled back the wrapper, Buy Zithromax Without Prescription. Sweet!, order Zithromax from mexican pharmacy. Zithromax reviews, But, then I noticed that the patch wasn't completely secured to the card, buy Zithromax from canada. Where can i find Zithromax online, Oh well, I don't care this card is going into my personal collection anyway, cheap Zithromax no rx. Zithromax long term, The patch commemorates the 1936 World Series between the Yankees and the New York Giants. Buy Zithromax Without Prescription, The Yankees won the Series four games to two. Gehrig had seven hits and two homers with seven runs batted in for the Series, Zithromax from mexico. Zithromax from mexico, The two packs that contained the black parallels yielded one of my favorite players, Ivan Rodriguez, Zithromax no prescription. Zithromax over the counter, I was stoked about that and the card looked pretty good in black. The Yunel Escobar card was pretty sweet too, Zithromax trusted pharmacy reviews, Zithromax images, love the red jersey in that one. The black parallels are not the typical black borders we have seen so many times, Buy Zithromax Without Prescription. These black cards feature the entire photo and border except for the player image converted to black, is Zithromax safe. Rx free Zithromax, Now the background image is not actually completely black but darkened in some cases so much that you really have to look close to see anything in the background.

2010 Topps Walmart Black

Between the Target and Walmart parallels I prefer the Target retros, doses Zithromax work. Buy Zithromax without prescription, I really don't like glossy cards in my base sets even though the Target fronts are still glossy the grey cardboard feels more like the cards I first collected. Buy Zithromax Without Prescription, That is the main reason why I have bought more of the retro styled offerings from the card manufacturers the last few years. I am still going to build the 2010 Topps base set with no regard to parallels, kjøpe Zithromax på nett, köpa Zithromax online. Zithromax natural, In other words as I build the set if I need a particular card it will go in the set no matter which version it is.

I also managed to get two more of the Tales of the Game inserts that I needed for the set, Zithromax maximum dosage. Zithromax samples, One featured Ripken Jr and the other featured Wade Boggs as “Chicken Man”. I was not a Boggs fan, I appreciated his talent and hard work but didn't collect many of his cards, Buy Zithromax Without Prescription. I also appreciated his superstitions which is pretty normal for Baseball, Zithromax use. Zithromax results, Through the history of Baseball many players and fans have treated superstitions with caution and fervor. I like this card with Bogg and a coop full of chickens, Zithromax without a prescription. Purchase Zithromax, topps million roger maris

I also freed another Topps Million Card Giveaway from hiding with this one featuring Roger Maris on the front. Buy Zithromax Without Prescription, I now have two cards to redeem and I am watching the site looking for another 50's trend. I am about ready to give up on trying to catch a wave of vintage and just take a shot, Zithromax interactions. Zithromax mg, In the early days the cards seemed to be grouped by year or decades as they were revealed. For a week now I have been watching looking for a group of 50's and 60's cards to show themselves, Zithromax wiki. Zithromax gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, But, it seems like now the vintage cards are very lightly sprinkled among the others, Zithromax coupon. Low dose Zithromax, Alright back to my kitchen table covered with boxes and cards. I at least want to get those sorted before I open anymore packs or boxes, get Zithromax.

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Buy Slimex (Obetrim) Without Prescription

February 15th, 2010Posted by Joey

2010 topps base cards

Buy Slimex (Obetrim) Without Prescription, I know I am late to the party but I finally remembered to bring home the 2010 Topps Blaster I bought at lunch and left in my desk for about two weeks. Better late than never though. Although after seeing the pictures of 2010 Topps floating around the blogosphere I was not totally excited about the new design. No prescription Slimex (Obetrim) online,


For me the 2010 Topps design features too much foil and the colored shading on the left side serves no purpose for me. I am happy with the backs even with the shading. The full stats are always a plus and some of the cards have copy which can sometimes be pretty good, Buy Slimex (Obetrim) Without Prescription. The new Rookie Card logo is good, Slimex (Obetrim) over the counter, not too distracting or taking up too much space. My favorite inserts series from Topps is back as well, Buy cheap Slimex (Obetrim), the Topps All-Star Rookies.

 2010 topps town

The 2010 Topps cards I am most excited about are the Topps All-Star Rookies of course but also the Tales of the Game inserts. When I saw the picture of the Jeter Flip I knew I had to have that card and the set, Slimex (Obetrim) for sale. Buy Slimex (Obetrim) Without Prescription, The Topps Million Card Giveaway also sounds like a good marketing promotion and offers a chance at an historic card or two. I'll probably end up with a few 1988-2000 Topps commons but someone is going to be very happy.


Pack One


Base cards- Joey Votto, Chris Snyder, Chase Utley, Jose Valverde and Robinzon Diaz

Inserts- Cards Your Mom Threw Out Cal Ripken Jr., Turkey Red Nolan Ryan, Slimex (Obetrim) class, Topps Town Adrian Gonzalez


That was a pretty good pack getting a Ripken and a Ryan. The Jose Valverde card is a nice action shot although you can't really see him.

 cards you mom threw out

Pack Two


Base cards- Chris Iannetta, Brewers Franchise History, Online buy Slimex (Obetrim) without a prescription, John Lannan, Franchise History Diamondbacks and Ken Griffey Jr.

Inserts- Gold Card Jon Garland 194/2010, Peak Performance Mell Ott, buy Slimex (Obetrim) no prescription, Topps Town David Wright


It sure was strange seeing Griffey Jr. Order Slimex (Obetrim) online c.o.d, listed as a Designated Hitter. My how time flies, I can remember him flying into walls and dominating both in the field and at the plate.


Pack Three


Base cards- Darin Erstad, Jorge De La Rosa, Slimex (Obetrim) without prescription, Buster Posey Rookie, Matt Carson Rookie, Justin Upton and Jayson Nix

Inserts- Topps Million Card Giveway, Slimex (Obetrim) blogs, Topps Town Justin Upton


Alright, Slimex (Obetrim) no rx, I got a Million Card Giveaway redemption. There are a couple of photos I like from this pack, Buy Slimex (Obetrim) Without Prescription. Erstad is about to squeeze the ball into his glove with the mechanical scoreboard in the background and Upton sliding into third with Hale on his hands and knees making sure he slides.


Pack Four


Base cards- Edwin Encarnacion, Slimex (Obetrim) used for, Jason Kendall, Joe Blanton and Joe Mauer

Inserts- Cards Your Mom Threw Out Jackie Robinson, Cards Your Mom Threw Out Alfonso Soriano, Legendary Lineage Honus Wagner and Hanley Ramirez and Topps Town Josh Hamilton

 2010 turkey red

It is always a good day when you get a Jackie Robinson.


Pack Five


Base cards- Neftali Feliz, Buy Slimex (Obetrim) without a prescription, Adam LaRoche, Nick Swisher, Cleveland Indians and Cliff Lee

Inserts- History of the Game Roger Maris, Slimex (Obetrim) street price, Turkey Red Yovani Gallardo and Topps Town Kevin Youkilis


I am really anxious to see Neftali Feliz back on the mound for the Rangers. Slimex (Obetrim) forum, He has a tremendous arm and a boatload of potential. The Maris History of the game is solid and I will be building that insert set this year.


Pack Six


Base cards- Jonathan Papelbon, order Slimex (Obetrim) online overnight delivery no prescription, Angel Pagan, Yankees Franchise History, Slimex (Obetrim) steet value, Garret Anderson and Jair Jurrjens

Inserts- Tales of the Game Jimmy Piersall, Peak Performance Ryan Howard and Topps Town Ryan Howard


Well it wasn't the Jeter Flip but it is the first card in the Tales of the Game issue I have, buy Slimex (Obetrim) online no prescription.

 2010 topps pulls

Pack Seven


Base cards- Jerry Hairston Jr., Omar Vizquel, Albert Pujols, League Leaders Fielder, purchase Slimex (Obetrim) online, Howard, Pujols and Lance Berkman

Inserts- Cards Your Mom Threw Out Dwight Gooden, When They Were Young Russell Martin, Topps Town Adam Jones and 2010 Topps Attax Free Code


Pack Eight


Base cards- Fernando Martinez, Brandon Phillips, Slimex (Obetrim) dose, Bobby Abreu, Josh Johnson, Gerald Laird and League Leaders Hernandez, Sabathia and Verlander

Inserts- Legendary Lineage Bob Gibson and Tim Lincecum, Topps Town Todd Helton

 legendary lineage

Pack Nine


Base cards- Topps All-Star Rookie Chris Coghlan, Bobby Jenks, Max Scherzer and Nate Schierholtz

Inserts- Denard Span Gold 611/2010, Cards Your Mom Threw Out Nolan Ryan, Slimex (Obetrim) recreational, Peak Performance Jimmie Foxx and Topps Town Miguel Cabrera


This was the first of the Target Retro Grey Backs, you get two per blaster from Target. Buy Slimex (Obetrim) Without Prescription, My first 2010 Topps All-Star Rookie is a parallel, go figure.

 peak performance

Pack Ten


Base cards- Roy Halladay, Buy generic Slimex (Obetrim), Adam LaRoche, Jason Kendal, Albert Pujols and Rockies Franchise History

Inserts- Cards Your Mom Threw Out Kevin Youkilis, Turkey Red Ryne Sandberg and Topps Town David Wright


Commerative Patch Card

Roy Halladay

 roy halladay patch card

It felt good to open my first blaster of the season and the assortment of players and cards was pretty good. As I mentioned above I don't like the design of the base cards but I am leaning towards building the base set anyway. The problem is the Parallels. I like the grey backs better but they are the parallel. I may put my set together and not worry about the parallels just get 1-330 no matter what back or logos they have, Buy Slimex (Obetrim) Without Prescription. The Topps All-Star Rookies though will have to be actual base cards, no parallels.


As for the inserts I will collect the Tales of the Game and the History of the Game. There will be other cards that I keep like some of the Cards Your Mother Threw Out as there are several players I collect in that insert series. The When They Were Young inserts have some interest for me but it will strictly be on a player basis. I am also going to be looking for the Million Card Giveaway cards hoping to get a huge surprise when I input the redemption codes.


Well, here we go, another baseball card season but this year we only have one fully licensed issuer. I am glad it was Topps that was left standing but I do miss the other brands. That doesn't mean I want a return to unlimited issues flooding the market but it would be nice see a few more choices out there.



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Ultram For Sale

April 27th, 2009Posted by Joey

2008-upper-deck-starquest Ultram For Sale, Continuing with the bargain blasters from Kmart we have a 2008 Upper Deck Football blaster box. The marketing department at Upper Deck wanted me to know that I should get 20 Star Rookies per box on average and a Rookie Jersey Card. This blaster box was regularly $19.99 but I picked it up for only $9.99, Ultram blogs. There are ten packs in this blaster so lets get started. Ultram pics, Pack One- Brian Urlacher, Maurice Jones-Drew, Carson Palmer, buy Ultram from mexico, Patrick Willis, Ultram no rx, Kirk Morrison, Dennis Keyes Star Rookie, Ryan Clady Star Rookie and Ed Reed Starquest

Pack Two- Reggie Williams, where can i order Ultram without prescription, Eric Wright, Online Ultram without a prescription, Edgerrin James, Marques Colston, Jason Campbell, kjøpe Ultram på nett, köpa Ultram online, Felix Jones Star Rookie, Ultram from canadian pharmacy, Yvenson Bernard Star Rookie and Chuck Long Starquest

Pack Three- Jason Taylor, Javon Walker, LaDainian Tomlinson, Ultram description, Hines Ward, Ultram brand name, Chester Taylor, Kevin O'Connell Star Rookie, Cory Boyd Star Rookie and Darren McFadden

Pack Four- Trent Edwards, Ultram images, Drew Brees, Ultram pharmacy, Matt Hasselbeck, Shaun Phillips, Andre Caldwell College to Pros, Ultram no prescription, Joe Flacco UD Rookie Jersey, Get Ultram, Matt Flynn Star Rookie, Davone Bess Star Rookie, Adrian Peterson Starquest


This was a really good pack, what is Ultram. I am happy with my jersey card pull, I was expecting to get someone that was mired on a practice squad somewhere, Ultram For Sale. Flacco was a nice jersey pull for me. My Ultram experience, This pack also had a Packer which just so happens to be a product of one of our local High Schools here and another East Texas native in Adrian Peterson.

Pack Five- Champ Bailey, Charles Woodson, fast shipping Ultram, Greg Ellis, Purchase Ultram, Leon Washington, Amani Toomer, Ray Rice Star Rookie, Ultram from mexico, Erik Ainge Star Rookie, No prescription Ultram online, Early Doucet Starquest

Pack Six- Ray Lewis, Brett Favre, Alge Crumpler, where can i buy cheapest Ultram online, Brandon Lloyd, Online buying Ultram hcl, Joey Galloway, Thomas Brown Star Rookie, James Hardy Star Rookie, discount Ultram, Glen Dorsey Starquest

Pack Seven- Steve Smith, Purchase Ultram online, Ernie Sims, Antonio Gates, Reggie Brown, where can i find Ultram online, Vince Young, Ultram over the counter, T.C. Ostrander Star Rookie, Matt Forte Star Rookie, Ultram cost, Ernie Sims Starquest

Pack Eight- Bubba Franks, Ultram overnight, Willis McGahee, Wes Welker, Troy Polamalu, Ultram for sale, Brian Brohm College to Pro, Ultram schedule, Dustin Keller Star Rookie, Quentin Groves Star Rookie, DeSean Jackson Starquest


Pack Nine- T.J, real brand Ultram online. Ultram For Sale, Houshmandzadeh, Joseph Addai, Kurt Warner, John Beck, Charles Grant, Martellus Bennett Star Rookie, Darius Reynaud Star Rookie and Matt Ryan Starquest

Pack Ten- Derrick Johnson, Julius Jones, Samie Parker, Jamal Williams, D.J. Hackett, Buying Ultram online over the counter, Rashard Mendenhall Star Rookie, Curtis Lofton Star Rookie and Drew Brees Starquest


This was a solid blaster box even if I had paid full price for it, even sweeter since I only paid half price, online buying Ultram. The box had Stars, Comprar en línea Ultram, comprar Ultram baratos, Rookies we have heard of, great photography and some players that I enjoy collecting.


Some of the cards from the rookie photo shoot featured great photos like the Mendenhall and the Forte, effects of Ultram. However, I didn't like the cards with the players sitting on a bench pointing at the football especially the O'Connell.

Upper Deck also made great use of horizontal oriented cards, Ultram For Sale. The cards of Taylor and Ward reaching for the pylon are great examples of these. Of course I am also partial to the celebrating Brett Favre. Another horizontal card I liked is of Tomlinson.


On the one per pack Starquest side of things I got some nice ones including Matt Ryan, Adrian Peters, Darren McFadden, Chuck Long, Ed Reed and Drew Brees. Ultram For Sale, I have had plenty of boxes before where the one per pack insert was full of “C” level players.

Anyway, I am quite happy with this box. I enjoyed opening it and it browsing through the cards. This is the third box of the six that I bought on clearance at Kmart that I have opened and I have spent the most time with this box of the three. Most of the time I can open a box and sort it out faster than I can write the post, not this time. If there are any of these left on my next trip to Lufkin I just might buy another one.

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Buy Levaquin Without Prescription

April 23rd, 2009Posted by Joey


Buy Levaquin Without Prescription, I purchased this 2008 Upper Deck Icons blaster box at Kmart as part of the half price blasters I mentioned before. About Levaquin, I didn't open any of this stuff when it was new so I figured I would bust a blaster on the cheap. There are nine packs with five cards per pack, Levaquin online cod. Where can i order Levaquin without prescription, The box tells me to look for Rookie Jersey Cards. I also may find movie icons like Burt Reynolds and Billy Dee Williams, Levaquin photos. The box also mentions Die-Cut Rainbow Foil cards of rookies, veterans and legends, Buy Levaquin Without Prescription. Order Levaquin from mexican pharmacy,


Pack One


  • Frank Gore

  • DeMeco Ryans

  • Clinton Portis

  • Ronald Curry

  • Braylon Edwards


Pack Two


  • Reggie Bush

  • Rudi Johnson

  • Antonio Gates

  • Greg Jennings

  • Edgerrin James


Pack Three


  • Tony Romo

  • Brian Dawkins

  • Eli Manning

  • Derek Anderson

  • Laurence Maroney Foil Parallel


Pack Four


  • Alex Smith

  • Donald Driver

  • Jonathan Vilma

  • Wes Welker

  • DeShaun Foster


Pack Five


  • Carnell Williams

  • Tony Gonzalez

  • Trent Edwards

  • Kirk Morrison

  • Terrell Owens


Pack Six


  • Santonio Holmes

  • Jon Kitna

  • Albert Haynesworth

  • Jason Taylor

  • Thomas Jones Foil Parallel


Pack Seven


  • Peyton Manning

  • Ladainian Tomlinson

  • Jamal Lewis

  • Donovan McNabb

  • Matt Hasselbeck Foil Parallel


Pack Eight


  • Shawne Merriman

  • Aaron Rodgers

  • Plaxico Burress

  • Roscoe Parrish

  • Tom Brady


Pack Nine


  • Calvin Johnson

  • Deion Branch

  • Andre Johnson

  • Vince Young

  • Derrick Johnson


I was quickly reminded why I didn't buy any of these when they were first released. I am not a big fan of cards that are more design and less player. The colors were nice on some of the cards but overall this is a release that shouldn't have been in my opinion.


Some of the inserts are nice but as for the base set goes this one blows. Anyway, I'll keep the few players that I like and the rest will go up for sale on Sportlots. I should have went with my gut and bought the hockey box or another Goudey instead.


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Hydrochlorothiazide For Sale

April 20th, 2009Posted by Joey


Hydrochlorothiazide For Sale, This is the first of the bargain Kmart blasters from my latest excursion to Lufkin Texas. There wasn't a lot to choose from that really interested me but I decided to take a chance on this blaster. Hydrochlorothiazide description, I can probably flip or trade the YSL cards to help offset the $10.99 price of the box.


Pack One – Shane Costa, Jeremy Hermida, Hydrochlorothiazide forum, Duaner Sanchez, Canada, mexico, india, Yuniesky Betancourt, Matt Holliday, Brian Barton Rookie, Hydrochlorothiazide canada, mexico, india, Nick Swisher, Hydrochlorothiazide from mexico, Ken Griffey Jr Uncommon Starquest


Pack Two- A J Pierzynski, Trevor Hoffman, Hydrochlorothiazide price, coupon, Noah Lowery, Kjøpe Hydrochlorothiazide på nett, köpa Hydrochlorothiazide online, Cliff floyd, Emil Brown, Jason Jennings, Hydrochlorothiazide maximum dosage, YSL Roy White 3796, Hydrochlorothiazide wiki, Derek Jeter Common Starquest


Pack Three- Gustavo Chacin, Bobby Abreu, generic Hydrochlorothiazide, Ronnie Belliard, Hydrochlorothiazide no prescription, Lyle Overbay, David Ortiz, Matt Tolbert Rookie, purchase Hydrochlorothiazide for sale, Josh Willingham, Where can i buy cheapest Hydrochlorothiazide online, Troy Tulowitzki Common Starquest


Pack Four- Jeremy Reed, Oliver Perez, taking Hydrochlorothiazide, Reggie Willits, Hydrochlorothiazide duration, Chris Duncan, Jimmy Rollins, Carlos Beltran, australia, uk, us, usa, Thurman Munson YSL 3821, Hydrochlorothiazide gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, John Smoltz Rare Star quest


Pack Five- Jeff Francoeur, Steve Trachsel, buy Hydrochlorothiazide without a prescription, Alex Gonzalez, Order Hydrochlorothiazide from United States pharmacy, Nyger Morgan, Andrew Miller, Michael Bourn, Hydrochlorothiazide pics, Manny Ramirez Super Star Scrapbooks, Order Hydrochlorothiazide no prescription, Pedro Martinez Common Starquest


Pack Six- James Loney, Mike Pelfrey, Hydrochlorothiazide mg, Eric Chavez, Hydrochlorothiazide cost, Ryan Braun, Victor Martinez, Scott Kazmir, doses Hydrochlorothiazide work, Hiroki Kuroda Rookie, No prescription Hydrochlorothiazide online, Albert Pujols Uncommon Starquest


Pack Seven- Kelly Johnson, Matt Murton, Hydrochlorothiazide alternatives, Nate Robertson, After Hydrochlorothiazide, Michael Barrett, Eric Gagne, Carlos Quentin, Hydrochlorothiazide australia, uk, us, usa, Brad Wilkerson, Hydrochlorothiazide recreational, Curtis Granderson Common Starquest


Pack Eight- Rich Harden, Rafael Furcal, Hydrochlorothiazide for sale, Bill Hall, Hydrochlorothiazide treatment, Mark Prior UD Jersey, Kosuke Fukudome Rookie, Carlos Zambrano, Hydrochlorothiazide over the counter, Ichiro , Cheap Hydrochlorothiazide, Ichiro Common Starquest


Pack Nine- Freddy Sanchez, Julio Lugo, buy Hydrochlorothiazide from mexico, Troy Tulowitzki, Order Hydrochlorothiazide online c.o.d, Chris Burke, Paul LoDuca, Delmon Young, Clinton Vs. McCain, Adam Dunn Common Starquest


Pack Ten- Paul Byrd, Luke Scott, Mark Hendrickson, Craig Monroe, Matt Morris, Geoff Blum, Pedro Alvarez, John Smoltz Ultra Rare Starquest


If the jersey card would have been of a halfway decent every day player this would have been a pretty good box. Nothing against Mark Prior but we really don't need jersey cards of Mark at this point in his career. I really hate that the guy has had injury problems because he could have really been special, Hydrochlorothiazide For Sale.


Still I enjoyed opening this blaster. I managed to get a Thurman Munson that I didn't have and the Star Quest cards I got were of very good quality. As usual with Upper Deck there was some great photography with one of my favorites being the Luke Scott card. The Brian Barton Rookie made me chuckle, he looks like a rapper 'wannabe'. Thats probably not fair to Barton but thats what I was thinking when it appeared.


This blaster wasn't a bust, but I won't be keeping all of the cards. Most will be posted on Sportlots, but if you need something from the box just let me know and we'll work out a trade. The cards that are definitely not available are the YSL Munson, Star Quest Jeter and the Adam Dunn Star Quest.


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Buy Wellbutrin SR Without Prescription

February 21st, 2009Posted by Joey


Buy Wellbutrin SR Without Prescription, This is the second of the buy one get one 2008 UD Masterpieces Baseball blasters from Kmart. The first box did not yield any of the cards I was really hoping for and overall the box was pretty average, about Wellbutrin SR. Wellbutrin SR results, I decided to count the first box as the free one and this box the one I paid for. Lets up I get what I paid for.


There should be eight packs with four cards per pack. The previous box had two packs with five cards, Wellbutrin SR used for. Both of those packs contained a Yankee Stadium Legacy card.


Pack One

It happened again, I got five cards instead of four and one of them is a YSL, Buy Wellbutrin SR Without Prescription. Purchase Wellbutrin SR online, Does anyone know if that is across the board. Yount is one of my favorite players of all time, Wellbutrin SR without a prescription. Wellbutrin SR steet value, The best looking card in the pack is the Verlander with the score board in the background.


Pack Two

That Griffey Jr. looks really sweet, Wellbutrin SR from canada.


Buy Wellbutrin SR Without Prescription, Pack Three

I'm checking out the Robinson and admiring the old school pose. Canada, mexico, india, Then I see the cleats and am reminded of my Freshman and Sophomore years. I had shunned my stylish white cleats for some old school black leather ones.


Pack Four

I just got a Gwynn and Fielder in the previous box I just opened.


Pack Five

Fantastic I finally got one of the cards I wanted most from the set, is Wellbutrin SR safe. Wellbutrin SR samples, When I thought about the kind of ball player I wanted to be Yaz was always one of the first guys I thought of.


Pack Six

I really enjoyed watching Sandberg play for the Cubs back in the day. I watched a lot of games on WGN, I saw more Cub games than any other team back then, Buy Wellbutrin SR Without Prescription. I think Harry Caray had a real man crush for Sandberg.


Pack Seven

The Crawford card is a nice shot of him sliding into home with the ball coming into the picture. The Ripken is kind of neat with him being congratulated by players from different teams in the All Star Game. He homered by the way in that game and won the MVP Award.


Pack Eight

The pattern held again as I got five cards in a pack including a Yankee Stadium Legacy card.


Buy Wellbutrin SR Without Prescription, Thats it for the bargain boxes from Kmart, maybe I will have to go to Lufkin again soon. This box was just a little better than the first one. This box yielded me a Yaz and brought back some memories of my High School playing days. It seems like a hundred years ago now since I took the field for ole Whitehouse High.


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Quinine For Sale

February 19th, 2009Posted by Joey


Quinine For Sale, Finishing out the purchases of the bargain priced blasters I found at the Kmart in Lufkin Texas we have a buy one get one deal on 2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces Baseball. The two boxes were glued together and then shrink wrapped. Each box contains eight packs with four cards in each pack, rx free Quinine. I am going to break this up into two posts so the other box will be in a second post. Quinine dangers,


I hope I am able to get a Yaz, Pence, order Quinine no prescription, Whitey Ford, Buy Quinine no prescription, Mattingly, Jeter, Berra and Clemente, buy cheap Quinine. Those would be the cards I am most interested in, Quinine For Sale. While I am hoping I want the Yaz in a red frame. Order Quinine from United States pharmacy, Of course a nice autograph would be nice but I'm not going to hold my breath.


Pack One

Hey I got five cards in this pack. The Ryan Braun will be added to my Braun collection. Quinine For Sale, The Utley card is real bright on the left and real dark on the right. Utley looks like a slow pitch softball pitcher getting ready to pitch.


Pack Two

You could really have some fun with the Papelbon card writing captions.


Pack Three

My favorite card of this pack is the Russel Martin, Quinine no prescription, gear on helmet falling to the ground as he tracks a foul ball.


Pack Four

The Vlad card with him in the All Star jersey really stands out in this pack, Buying Quinine online over the counter, bright orange in contrast to the darkness of this issue. At one time I would have been more excited about the Fukodome Rookie, not anymore though.


Pack Five

Huh, another five card pack, purchase Quinine online no prescription. The common denominator is the YSL card in both packs that had five cards, Quinine For Sale. I hate it when you get a regular and a parallel of the same player in the same pack. After Quinine, Well, I hate when its someone I don't collect and that is about 95% of the time.


Pack Six


Pack Seven

Somebody turned out the lights in the Zito card. Thome has a big backside in his card.


Pack Eight

Tony Gwynn is skinny again. The Rod Carew would have been really nice but its just too dang dark.


Quinine For Sale, I didn't get anybody I was looking for in this blaster. I got some solid players, just not the ones I really wanted. Once again I am looking at Masterpieces Baseball and its a set I should really want to build but I just can't. The two big strikes against this years version is the gold foil I can't read and many of the cards are just too dark to enjoy.


Maybe I should just consider this box the free one. Hopefully, the second box will be much better.


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Buy Periactin Without Prescription

February 17th, 2009Posted by Joey


Buy Periactin Without Prescription, You may remember from a previous post of mine about Masterpieces Football that I really enjoyed it and was planning on building the set. Discount Periactin, I haven't done much to complete the Touch'em All quest of building the set but today I have a blaster box to help in that endeavor. The blaster contains 6 packs with four cards per pack, what is Periactin. Generic Periactin, With a little luck maybe I will get 24 base cards that I need for the set.


Pack One

Wow and ouch all at the same time. Its an autograph so I can't complain about getting one less base card, about Periactin. Very nice looking on card auto of rookie running back Ray Rice, Buy Periactin Without Prescription. Periactin reviews, If it weren't for the auto this pack would have been unsuccessful, since all I needed for my set was the Chris Long, is Periactin addictive. Periactin from canada, But, I got a non guaranteed auto from a blaster!

Pack Two

I love the Peterson in Landsape, Periactin from mexico. Periactin use, Fifty percent success rate on this pack as I didn't need the Flutie or Bradshaw.


Pack Three

Fifty percent again for the success ratio as I only needed the Butkus and the Rice. The Butkus is just a bit over painted for my taste, after Periactin. Buy Periactin Without Prescription, This was also the third Jerome Johnson I have pulled. Buy Periactin without a prescription,


Pack Four

Another freaking Jerome Johnson, if I have to keep getting someone why him. Also another fifty percent success rate as I needed the Keller and the Moss. The Keller is one of those cool cards they do with a player diving onto a big mat.

Pack Five

Another fifty percent success ratio. I only needed the Dyson and Nelson cards, Buy Periactin Without Prescription. Every time I see that photo of Dyson reaching for the goal line in the Super Bowl I am a reminded of what could have been. The Oilers/Titans franchise has been so close but just can't seem to close the deal. By the way, Renfro was in back then and he still is today.


Pack Six

You shouldn't get a dupe in a six pack blaster!. Fifty percent success once again. Buy Periactin Without Prescription, I only needed the Sims and the Thorpe.


Out of 24 cards I only end up with 11 for my set of Masterpieces. I did manage to pull a nice on card autograph though. I had heard that folks were having issues with these blasters trying to build sets. I also ended up with a dupe in the same blaster, that always sucks.


I really like this set especially some of the memorable moments cards, Buy Periactin Without Prescription. I would like to pull a Time Warps card sometime. I don't know that I will buy anymore packs or blasters of this to try to build my set. I would probably end up getting more Johnsons and Mannings.


I now have 41 of the 110 cards for a completion percentage of 37%. Still a long way to go but good thing its only 110 cards.


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Buy Bactroban Without Prescription

February 16th, 2009Posted by Joey


Buy Bactroban Without Prescription, Continuing with the bargain blasters I found at Kmart we have the box of 2008 Upper Deck Heroes Football. Here we go again with the 'bonus' packs again as this box has 7 packs plus 2 bonus packs. Doses Bactroban work, I call Bullshit on this, its really a 9 pack blaster for originally $14.99 that I got for $7.49.


I bought a box of Baseball Heroes when it came out and ended up with a nice pull. Bactroban schedule, I was really happy with that box, hopefully I will be with this one as well. Alright, 9 foil packs with 6 cards per pack so I should end up with 54 total cards, Buy Bactroban Without Prescription.


Pack One


Craig Steltz, Mike Hart, Derek Anderson, Bactroban dangers, LenDale White, Order Bactroban online c.o.d, Tony Iommi, Tom Morello. I know that Guitar Heroes is the hottest video game out there right now but come one, purchase Bactroban, this is a football product. Bactroban duration, I end up with two guitarist and only four football players in this one. Geez....


Pack Two


Dwight Lowery, Bactroban over the counter, Tom Zbikowski, LaDainian Tomlinson, Adrian Peterson, Bactroban images, Justin Hayward, No prescription Bactroban online, Tom Morello again. Buy Bactroban Without Prescription, Crap, are there two guitar heroes in every pack. Why does Tom Morello need two different card. At least I got two actual stud football players in Tomlinson and Peterson, order Bactroban no prescription. Both of these will go in my personal collection.


Pack Three


Jonathan Hefney, Chris Long, Bactroban pharmacy, Patrick Willis Checklist, Purchase Bactroban for sale, Marshawn Lynch, Franco Harris Checklist, Steve Vai, buy Bactroban online no prescription. Yea, Bactroban photos, only one guitarist this time, still not anybody I know anything about. The Willis and Harris checklist cards are pretty cool art versions, Buy Bactroban Without Prescription. I saw Chris Long play a game on TV one day and was amazed at his play, cheap Bactroban no rx. His motor never stopped and he was all over the field. Is Bactroban safe, He pretty much single handedly won that game.

Pack Four


Lavelle Hawkins, buying Bactroban online over the counter, Darren McFadden, Where can i cheapest Bactroban online, Chad Johnson, Greg Jennings, Jim Brown, fast shipping Bactroban, Tommy Iommi again. Bactroban price, Man those guitarist cards suck. McFadden and Brown though keeps this pack from being a complete loser.


Buy Bactroban Without Prescription, Pack Five


Matt Ryan, DeSean Jackson, LaDainian Tomlinson Checklist, Jason Campbell, Paul Hornung Checklist, Jackie Joyner-Kersee. Nice pack, I'll be keeping the Ryan and Tomlinson cards, taking Bactroban. Finally, Bactroban cost, I was spared another guitarist, although it was replaced with a track star in a formal dress.


Pack Six


Terrell Thomas, Buy Bactroban without prescription, Jacob Tamme, Chad Johnson, Wes Welker, Bactroban without a prescription, Gale Sayers, Bactroban natural, Steve Vai. Two dupes in this pack, Johnson and Vai, Bactroban used for. Sayers and Welker ease the pain a bit.


Pack Seven


Tom Zbikowski, John Carlson, Eli Manning Checklist, Devin Hester, Rulon Gardner, Roger Craig, Buy Bactroban Without Prescription. Bactroban samples, Yea, no guitarist but this time we get a Gold Medal Olympian. I really like these checklist art cards.


Pack Eight


Chris Long, Malcolm Kelly, Brodie Croyle, Braylon Edwards, Mel Blount, Justin Hayward. I will be keeping the Long and Kelly cards. Malcolm Kelly is from just right up the road in Longview Texas from me.


Buy Bactroban Without Prescription, Pack Nine


Dan Connor, Keith Rivers, DeMarcus Ware Checklist, Joseph Addai, Jackie Jorner-Kersee, Ken Anderson. Another duplicate card this time is the track star. I haven't seen a Ken Anderson card in ages.


This was not a fun box to open. I didn't realize it was full of guitarists and other 'Heroes'. At least I didn't pay full price for it, Buy Bactroban Without Prescription. I did manage to get some cards that I'll keep so that helps. The checklist cards look really sharp, the Manning was the best looking one I got, Franco follows pretty close behind.


If I were to find another box of this on sale again it would have to be under $5 before I would get another.


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Proscar For Sale

February 14th, 2009Posted by Joey


Proscar For Sale, I am finally getting around to opening one of the Bargain Blasters I found the other day at Kmart. Baseball is so close I can smell it so I decided to start with the 2008 Goudey Box. The box was originally priced at $19.99 but I got it for $10.99, Proscar mg. Yea for me. Proscar treatment, The configuration is 7 packs plus a Bonus Pack with 8 cards per pack. They should just say 8 packs when the bonus pack is just another pack, Proscar For Sale. You can call it a bonus when its different than the regular packs.


Anyway, Proscar blogs, on with the fun. Proscar online cod, Now I know you have seen these for a long time now on the blogosphere but have you seen one of these that was marked down. So sit back and get comfortable as we revisit a blaster from all the way back in 2008.


Pack One


Aaron Rowan, Buy cheap Proscar, Alfonso Soriano, Juan Marichal, George Washington Mini Blue Back, Proscar price, coupon, Chone Figgins, Online Proscar without a prescription, Mark Buehrle, Wladimir Ballentien, Pedro Martinez, discount Proscar. Hey I got a George Washington!.


Proscar For Sale, Pack Two


Delmon Young, Grady Sizemore, Mark Teixeira, Vernon Wells, Matt Holliday, Dmitri Young, Justin Verlander, Harmon Killebrew Short Print. Proscar dose, The Killebrew looks nice. I got a couple of cards that I can add to outgoing bubble mailers too.

Pack Three


Catfish Hunter, Where can i buy cheapest Proscar online, J. R. Towles Rookie, where to buy Proscar, Luke Hochevar Rookie, Low dose Proscar, Ichiro, Chad Cordero, Jason Bay, Proscar coupon, Torii Hunter, Proscar pics, YSL Andy Pettite. Some of these guys should have asked for a retake, Proscar For Sale.

Pack Four


Yovani Gallardo, Proscar steet value, C.C. Sabathia, Gary Sheffield Mini Red Back, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Alex Rodriguez Black & White Mini Black Back, Rx free Proscar, Chase Utley, Brian Bannister, Noah Lowry, Proscar brand name, Johan Santana. Herbal Proscar, A black and white steroid user, crap.


Pack Five


Rich Hill, Erik Bedard, Richie Ashburn, Proscar class, Jered Weaver, Proscar street price, Adam Laroche, Brad Penny, Jim Thome, order Proscar from mexican pharmacy, Jackie Joyner-Kersee Sport Royalty. This was the most boring pack so far.


Proscar For Sale, Pack Six


Orlando Cabrera, Albert Pujols, Tom Seaver, Peyton Manning Hit Parade of Champions Mini, Chris Duncan, Miguel Cabrera, Adam Dunn, YSL Roger Clemens. Proscar no rx, I like the Manning Hit Parade mini nice action shot. It pains me that I can't get excited about pulling a Clemens card anymore. Of all the guys that have been caught or implicated this is the one that hurts me the most, Proscar without prescription.


Pack Seven


Marlon Byrd, Dennis Eckersley, Proscar wiki, Hunter Pence, Proscar australia, uk, us, usa, Pee Wee Reese, Yunel Escobar, Cole Hamels, Proscar dosage, Cael Sanderson Sport Royalty, Proscar results, LeBron James Sport Royalty. Okay, best pack so far, Proscar For Sale. A Ranger I like, an Astro I collect, Proscar forum, The 'Eck', a Brooklyn Dodger, a recent World Series Winner and the current king of Basketball. What the heck were Escobar and some wrestler doing in there.

'Bonus Pack'


James Loney, Nick Swisher, Vince Coleman, Gary Sheffield, Jose Vidro, Jose Reyes, Garrett Atkins, Matt Holliday Black and White. This was an interesting pack. Proscar For Sale, I got some more guys they should have thought about retakes. Nick Swisher has some evil eyes going. Sheffield is wondering if he left a skid mark when he farted. I always smile when I see Vince Coleman with a batting helmet on, I swear he never found one that fit.

Well, there you have it a bargain blaster of 2008 Goudey Baseball. Not a really awesome box but not horrible either. I ended up with a few cards I will add to my personal collection like Pence, Pujols, Manning and Byrd. I got a couple of cards I can add to packages that I need to mail out. The best part was just opening and sorting. I didn't have to worry about slick glossy finishes and silver foil over dose.


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Augmentin For Sale

February 4th, 2009Posted by Joey

Augmentin For Sale, Much to the chagrine of my fellow bloggers and collectors I did not open this blaster last night. Even though I haven't found a 2009 Topps Blaster yet I am going to go ahead and open this UD Blaster now. Buy Augmentin from mexico, I have waited long enough to open some 2009 Baseball Cards.


Alright, here we go with the first pack, where can i cheapest Augmentin online. Who will be my first card of 2009?. Augmentin dose, Its Jon Lieber. How is that for anti-climatcic, Augmentin For Sale. Next up is Mark Teixeira followed by Tony Pena, Christian Guzman Nationals checklist, Augmentin no rx, Mark Saccomanno Rookie, Augmentin natural, Chipper Jones Starquest Gold Rare, Juan Pierre and Ian Snell. By the way the UpperDeckU game code I mentioned in my previous post is printed on the inside of the wrapper, purchase Augmentin online. Thats different, Order Augmentin from mexican pharmacy, I expected it to be on a promotional type card.


Pack two starts off with Brandon Phillips with Jason Varitek, Jason Grilli, ordering Augmentin online, Ronald Reagan, What is Augmentin, Derek Jeter Season Highlights, Ramon Castro, Troy Percival and A.J, Augmentin gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Burnett all hiding underneath Phillips. Augmentin For Sale, I like the picture they used for the Jeter, its a shot you don't see on a card much. Augmentin description, I can't think of one right now but I would imagine this angle has been used before.


The third pack goes like this, Mike Hampton, Augmentin street price, Howie Kendrick, Augmentin coupon, Nate Robertson, Jake Barrett USA Baseball, Manny Ramirez Dodgers Checklist, buy Augmentin without a prescription, Phil Hughes, Online buying Augmentin hcl, Jimmy Rollins and Chris Duncan. Hey Jake Barrett you aren't even 18 years old yet and you have a baseball card in the Upper Deck Base set. How about that, Augmentin schedule.


Pack number four yields Paul Konerko, Jeff Samardzija, Ryan Spilborghs, effects of Augmentin, Cardinals Team Leaders, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Ryan Webber USA Baseball, David Price Rookie, Huston Street and Ichiro, buy Augmentin online no prescription. I got another kid in this pack, I hope these don't continue to show up one in every two packs, Augmentin For Sale. I do like the look of the Cardinals Team Leaders card. Augmentin pharmacy,


The fifth was hiding Ramon Hernandez, Dan Haren, Augmentin blogs, Joe Saunders, Augmentin used for, Fausto Carmona, David Ortiz Starquest Blue Uncommon, Rickie Weeks, Augmentin interactions, Andre Ethier, Herbal Augmentin, Livan Hernandez and Chase Headley. I don't really like the logos in the bottom left corner.


Pack number six starts of sitting on the dock of the Jason Bay. Augmentin For Sale, Sorry, next up is Jhonny Peralta followed by David Wright Mets Checklist, Ken Griffey Jr. Augmentin images, Starquest Emerald Super Rare, Matt Holliday Rockies Checklist, Joba Chamberlain, purchase Augmentin for sale, Endy Chavez and Mark Mulder. Augmentin overnight, Wow, Emeral Super Rare. Anyone know how rare that really is?


The seventh pack has David Eckstein, Where to buy Augmentin, Carlos Quentin, David Dejesus, Kila Ka'aihue Rookie, buy cheap Augmentin, Rivals Jim Thome/Justin Morneau, Augmentin trusted pharmacy reviews, Mariano Rivera, Matt Garza and Scott Rolen. I like the Rivals theme but you need sunglasses to look at the card, buy Augmentin from canada.

The eighth pack leads off with George Sherrill followed by Curtis Granderson, Russell Martin, Mariners Team Leaders, Colton Cain USA Baseball, Matt Antonelli Rookie Card, Ryan Howard and B.J, Augmentin For Sale. Ryan. Purchase Augmentin online no prescription,


Pack number nine goes a little like this Edwin Encarnacion, Conor Jackson, Roy Oswalt, George H. Bush, Reds Team Leaders, Jonathan Broxton, Barry Zito and Matt Capps.


The last pack is coming up and so far I don't have anything that just sings to me yet. Augmentin For Sale, Here we go Historic Predictors First Aids Vaccine is Developed, Jake Peavy Starquest Blue Uncommon, Cole Hamels Pinstriped Jersey Card, the UpperDeckU promotional card I have been looking for, Melky Cabrera and Jake Peavy. Two Peavys show up in the last pack along with a Predictor and the box hit. I don't like the design of the jersey cards, they didn't put enough thought into these. But I did get a pinstriped and yes I touched it.


Overall I am not really excited about Upper Deck Base. The relic design was a snoozer, too many kiddos in there and I don't like the logos in the corner. On the plus side I liked the Team Leaders cards and the Rivals, Augmentin For Sale. The Starquest cards are okay but its not something I would chase. Upper Deck did a good job with the backs though.


There you have it my first Blaster of the year. My card firsts for this year were, first card Jon Lieber, First Jersey Card Cole Hamels, First Rookie Mark Saccomano and First Insert card was a Chipper Jones Starquest Gold Rare.



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Buy Soma Without Prescription

September 29th, 2008Posted by Joey

2008 donruss threads

Buy Soma Without Prescription, I had an itch the other day that I was hoping to get some A&G to scratch it with but once again I was shut out at the big box store. Not much else was catching my interest so I snagged a five pack blaster box of 2008 Donruss Threads Football for some pack ripping fun.


The box has the 2007 NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year Adrian Peterson on four sides and on every pack. The box also tells me I should look for randomly inserted Rookie Class cards featuring custom nameplate letters all autographed and numbered to 240 or less, buy Soma without a prescription. Online Soma without a prescription, Wow, I bet the odds are pretty steep on those, Soma natural. Soma long term,


That brings me to one of my pet peeves, Soma canada, mexico, india. It drives me nuts to pick up a box and see the bold fonts and eye catching graphics touting some special card and then they won't tell me what my odds are of getting one, Buy Soma Without Prescription. Soma coupon, Sometimes not even the packs show you the odds. At first glance I thought the packs were going to show me the odds, Soma from mexico, Low dose Soma, but instead they just showed me a list of the possible inserts.


Lets Rip'em Open


Pack One – Carson Palmer, my Soma experience, Real brand Soma online, Jamal Lewis, Gridiron Kings Jonathan Hefney Collegiate Jersey 175/250, herbal Soma, Canada, mexico, india, Ike Hilliard, Drew Brees, buy Soma no prescription, Where to buy Soma, Reggie Brown


Pack Two – Marion Barber, buy Soma from mexico, Doses Soma work, Roydell Williams, Donald Driver, after Soma, Soma gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, Brian Urlacher, Reggie Williams


Pack Three – Vernon Davis, LenDale White, Soma maximum dosage, Soma recreational, Joseph Addai, Matt Hasselbeck, generic Soma, Soma images, Chester Taylor


Pack Four – DeShaun Foster, rx free Soma, Soma online cod, Kenny Watson Blue Century Proof 043/350, Jason Taylor, Soma no rx, Soma use, Marques Colston, Jason Witten


Pack Five – Braylon Edwards, Dallas Clark Red Century Proof, order Soma online overnight delivery no prescription, Lavranues Coles, Edgerrin James, Calvin Johnson


Wow. That was a pretty cool first pack. Buy Soma Without Prescription, I knew when it came out of the box it was thicker and heavier than the other packs. Not only did it hold a jersey card but it also had a sixth card. Normally, you get less cards when you get a jersey not more. I don't know who Hefney is but it is always a plus to pull a non guaranteed jersey out of a retail blaster. The Gridiron Kings are nice looking with the canvas painting fronts.


This blaster also brings up a second one of my pet peeves, Buy Soma Without Prescription. The jersey swatch is white but the image features him in an orange jersey. I really wish they would always match colors and for baseball if the picture is the pinstripe version jersey I want a pinstripe swatch.


The rest of the box was not very thrilling. Theres not one thing special about the design. Buy Soma Without Prescription, As for the player selection it was a miss for the most part for me. The only cards that caught my eye at all were the Barber with the dreads flowing behind the helmet and the DeShaun Foster. I had to get my magnifying glass back out on the Foster, there was something bothering me about his expression. You know how they do those cut outs sometimes and have people's mouths showing through the painting. Think theme song from Sponge Bob Square Pants, thats what the card reminded me of.


Well, I didn't get anything I really wanted or needed but I still enjoyed opening the packs and checking out the cards. I also learned by checking out the backs of the cards that Brian Urlacher played his college ball at New Mexico. For some strange reason I have always associated Urlacher with Notre Dame. Boy, I feel kind of dumb now. Even though the backs of these cards are really sparse I did learn something.


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Armour For Sale

September 5th, 2008Posted by Joey


[caption id="attachment_565" align="alignnone" width="285" caption="2008 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes"]2008 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes[/caption]

Armour For Sale, I hadn't bought any new product in a while but I was standing in line at Walmart and I noticed something a little different on the shelf. The Blaster that leaped off the shelf was a 2008 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes box. Upon further review I saw the Ginter's, Armour results, Chromes, Armour used for, Upper Decks ect that I am accustomed to seeing. But what made me zero in on a product I had no interest in?


I have an interest in marketing partly because of my day job and also because of my hobbies on the internet, online buy Armour without a prescription. Part of a good marketing plan is the packaging of the product. The packaging and the price point are why I bought this blaster box of 2008 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes, Armour For Sale. Herbal Armour, First of all the colors were bright, but the thing that drew me in was the left front corners of the box. The left corner was rounded and I thought at first that all of the boxes were bent, kjøpe Armour på nett, köpa Armour online. I got to looking and several of the Upper Deck products had this same rounded corner touting the “Bonus Packs” inside. Armour class, I never really consider these so called Bonus Packs as actual Bonuses, I just look at them the same as I would a 24 or 36 pack hobby box, I get X number of packs with X number of cards in them for X dollars, Armour australia, uk, us, usa. The last thing that made me pick up this box over the Ginter was it was priced differently at $14.99 instead of the usual $9.99 or $19.99.


Armour For Sale, Okay, enough about marketing lets rip some packs:


Pack One


Alright, a Pudge and a Mattingly in the same pack. It seems like I have pulled more Pat Burrell cards in my life than any other player out of a pack. Buy Armour from canada, I'm sure thats not correct but I just get tired of getting this guy.


Pack Two


I wish the multiple player cards used bigger photos, smaller logos and type, Armour maximum dosage. It makes that card of Clement, Armour schedule, Jr, Vlad and DiMaggio look like an advertising card. The back of the card says a Quartet of Dazzling Outfield Defenders, Armour alternatives, when I think defensive outfielders I don't think about Vladimir Guerrero. When I think of Vlad I just think about how he pummels my Rangers.


Pack Three


A whole pack of Pitchers, huh, Armour For Sale. Order Armour online c.o.d,


Pack Four


This was a pretty nice pack. Canada, mexico, india, I wish they had used a pic of Scmidt in the powder blues though. Yount is one of my All Time Favorites.


Pack Five


The Mattingly/Boggs card is as it should be with Boggs in a Red Sox uniform.


Pack Six


Here we go with the little head shots again, this time you can barely see the powder blue on the Schmidt. Armour For Sale, I love that old Orioles logo. The chest protector that Victor Martinez is wearing looks like a life vest.


Pack Seven


Only three cards in this one but what a sweet pull on the Mattingly/Boggs Dual Jersey. Rx free Armour, The Mattingly features the famous Yankee Pinstripe. The boggs is from the road gray jersey. Do you have to touch your Jersey Swatches when you pull them, Armour pics, I do.


Pack Eight


Back to reality with this pack. But still some nice cards nonetheless, Armour For Sale.


Pack Nine



What a great box this turned out to be. I got some of my All Time Favorite Players and a dual jersey relic of Don Mattingly and Wade Boggs. If it would have been Mattingly and Nettles for example I would have to take off work and go get the rest of the blasters. But hey, Boggs was a great player I just didn't have a connection with him.


Armour For Sale, The 2008 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes design is nothing to write home about. I didn't really like the design when they were introduced in the nineties either. They really should have worked on the multi player cards more though, way to much dead area and attention to things that matter less than the pictures. The player selection in my box was great. Of the 43 cards that were in my box I ended up with 8 cards that I will keep. The rest of the cards will go up for sale on Sportlots or in trade to someone.


By the way I kind of ignored the color variations for the Parallels.



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Buy Prednisolone Without Prescription

April 17th, 2008Posted by Joey

Uggla Mantle 

Buy Prednisolone Without Prescription, I was meandering around the card section at my local Target the other day and saw a familiar sign in front of some of the Blasters. A few months ago the 2007 Topps Football blaster boxes were put on sale at Target for several weeks, Prednisolone pictures. Prednisolone mg, Now the 2008 Topps Baseball Blasters are on sale at Target. The five pack blaster is $7.49 instead of the normal $9.99 and the ten pack blaster is $14.99 instead of $19.99, after Prednisolone. Prednisolone forum, I don't know how long this will last but it is a great opportunity for me to add a couple of the Topps All-Rookie Team 50th Anniversary cards to my collection.


I started to get two of the five pack blasters but decided on the ten pack instead, what is Prednisolone. Lets rip it open and check it out, Buy Prednisolone Without Prescription. Herbal Prednisolone, I should get two of the Anniversary cards mentioned above plus one each of the following inserts; Own the Game, Year in Review, Prednisolone duration, Ordering Prednisolone online, Campaign 2008 and a Mantle Home Run History.


Base Cards – 89

Topps All-Rookie Team 50th Anniversary – Dan Uggla and Chipper Jones

Campaign 2008 – Bill Richardson

Gold Parallel – Doug Davis

Own the Game – Ryan Howard, Prednisolone from canadian pharmacy, Prednisolone dosage, Carlos Pena

Year in Review – Shawn Hill, where can i cheapest Prednisolone online, Prednisolone online cod, Daisuke Matsuzaka

Mantle Home Run History - #505

Mickey Mantle Story - #49 and #55


Bonus Pack Containing the Target T-205's


Ryan Braun, Joba Chamberlain, Prednisolone canada, mexico, india, Cheap Prednisolone no rx, Albert Pujols, Clay Buchholz, canada, mexico, india, No prescription Prednisolone online, Matt Holliday and Luke Hochevar


This was a pretty good box with a nice mix of Rookies and Stars, buy Prednisolone without a prescription. Prednisolone over the counter, I also beat the odds on some of the inserts. I wish one of them would have been the All-Rookie Team Anniversary cards, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. Online buy Prednisolone without a prescription, One disappointing thing is that I already had the Chipper Jones card, trade anyone, Prednisolone recreational.


Buy Prednisolone Without Prescription, I will keep buying these sale priced blasters until I have my set built of the All-Rookie Team Anniversary cards. Buy Prednisolone online cod, I wonder if Topps gives Target a break on the price of these blasters or does Target do this on their own. If Target is doing this on their own I would like to suggest to them to move the discount around every couple of weeks or so, buy Prednisolone from mexico. Prednisolone without prescription, It would be great to save five bucks on different brands and sports all year. It might get more of us guys going shopping with our wives, online Prednisolone without a prescription. Prednisolone wiki, We can play the old, 'but it was on Sale' angle when they question our need for the cardboard, buy generic Prednisolone.


Help stimulate the economy, go out a buy some cards today from your local hobby dealer if you have one. If not go get'em from the big chains.


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Buy Phenergan Without Prescription

March 6th, 2008Posted by Joey

Topps All Rookie Team Seaver Franco 

Buy Phenergan Without Prescription, I have been searching for blaster boxes of 2008 Topps Baseball without any luck until now. I was also having trouble coming across 2008 Upper Deck Blaster boxes also but I have been finding those for the last few days, Phenergan from canada. Phenergan blogs, I had decided though that I wouldn't get a UD Blaster until I had gotten at least one Topps Blaster. Single packs have been on my local store shelves since the launch but blasters were hard to come by, Phenergan use. Phenergan dangers, I had a store clerk tell me that the Upper Deck boxes were getting bought up quickly by a couple of guys. I guess maybe they were trying to hit the jackpot with one of those Hillary/Morgana cards, Buy Phenergan Without Prescription.


This blaster box came from Target and contains ten packs with the extra six card pack of Target Exclusives. What I am looking for more than anything else are the Topps All-Rookie Team 50th Anniversary cards, Phenergan from canadian pharmacy. Phenergan online cod, According to the odds listed on the box I should get two in my blaster. The other cards I hope to get are any of the Topps All Star Rookie team members, order Phenergan from mexican pharmacy, Phenergan pharmacy, I don't have any of them yet.


The Pulls


Base Cards – 90

Topps Gold – Kyle Kendrick 1194/2008

Campaign 2008 – Mike Huckabee

Mantle Home Run History - #511

Mantle Story - #54

Year in Review – Joe Saunders VT and Alex Rodriguez

Own the Game – David Ortiz and Alex Rodriguez

Topps All-Rookie Team 50th Anniversary – Julio Franco and Tom Seaver

Target Exclusives – Buchholz, Pujols, Phenergan mg, Comprar en línea Phenergan, comprar Phenergan baratos, Ortiz, Balentien, herbal Phenergan, Cheap Phenergan, Vlad, Pearce


Nothing earth shattering here in the pulls but I did get the two Topps All-Rookie Team 50th Anniversary cards the box promised me in the odds. Buy Phenergan Without Prescription, That gives me four of these cards in the set, only 51 left to go. The Franco picture looks odd the way the colors worked out, Phenergan interactions. Order Phenergan online overnight delivery no prescription, The Seaver picture looks like it was taken at a park. I also got a Delmon Young All-Rookie Team card in the same pack the Franco was in, Phenergan pics. Phenergan brand name,


I also beat the odds getting a gold parallel in this box as the odds of that were listed at 1:13 packs, Phenergan street price. Fast shipping Phenergan, This blaster was pretty loaded with inserts because I also beat the odds on the Year in Review 1:6, Own the Game 1:6 and the Mantle Story cards at 1:18 packs.


I am pretty happy with this blaster but I may order a hobby box this weekend. I saw them online for $39 the other day and when I got home that night they were back over $45, Phenergan cost. A hobby box should yield me seven of the All-Rookie Team Anniversary cards.


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